My number 5 is 1
My youngest daughter celebrated her first birthday earlier this month. Sekejap je dah setahun. We had a simple celebration with the family that day with this angry bird birthday cake.

And red velvet cuppies.

And since it was a Saturday, we made a trip to National Science Center.
Mannn.... I supposed all great minds think alike that day. The place was packed. Finding a parking space was almost impossible. Thus, we illegal parked by the roadside.

The Dino park at the entrance.
The Center features Dinosaur live show at that time.

However, we were warned that the queue to buy tickets was very long so we settled for the ordinary admission tickets i.e. the usual exhibition stuff.
More people inside. Honestly, could not really appreciate the exhibition with all the crowd. However, since it was indoor, and air-conditioned, not so bad la.. Initially, the kids suggested Zoo Negara. But considering the massive heat wave that we are experiencing at the moment, we strike off Zoo.

This is funny. It shows you your weight if you are on the sun or the other planets. Scary tengok the numbers. Overweight to the max! Ha ha...
Lunch at one of the stalls inside the Center.
The view from the eating place. There are a couple of buildings which feature more exhibition. And there's a swimming pool. We did not venture into those buildings and the kids were frustrated that they couldn't get themselves wet in the pool.

The birthday celebration continued that night. We had dinner outside.

Oh yes... my daughter received this bicycle for her birthday.

She still doesn't know how to cycle yet (well... berjalan pun belum boleh lagi), but she enjoyed the bicycle very much. Her older sister enjoyed it too.

Her sisters love to push her round and round the house.

But we try not to allow that so often, nanti dia lagi malas nak belajar berjalan. But I kinda like the bicycle for my own reasons. My daughter will eventually fall asleep on the bicycle.

And that made mommy's work a tad easier. :)