Hijrah in Ramadhan
For more than 10 working years in UKM, I am based in KL campus in Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz. In fact, my history with the campus goes beyond that. I did my undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the same place too. And I  fall in love with the surrounding areas and its strategic location.

When HUKM was first set up, only the 3rd - 5th year students are stationed there while the preclinical years, year 1 and 2 remained in the KL campus. For many years, there have been plans for us to move to HUKM campus in Cheras. But being in the comfort of the KL campus, and not really looking forward to  move, I have always thought that it won't be realized in the near future. But eventually the new preclinical building in HUKM was completed and we received directive from the faculty management that it was time to move. So, we moved. 

Packing was tedious.Imagine, things accumulated from my student days. Have been in this campus longer than I have been married.

And throughout the years, I have accumulated as much garbage as important documents.

We were supplied with 10 boxes each and I managed to fill all boxes.

And of course, loads of other things to be thrown away.

After everything packed and fragile items wrapped... 

..and all have been transported, this is what left of my room..  

Really going to miss this place. And these are 10 top reasons why:

1. Chow Kit market. Easy to do grocery shopping. Even though I rarely go there because the market smell will stick to your clothes but it is comforting to know that the place is just walking distance away.  (Note: the market has now been relocated to a cleaner site nearby. I have yet to explore  but now that I have moved to Cheras, the exploring is not likely to happen.)

2. For a more cleaner, air-conditioned grocery shopping and others, there is UO supermarket. Also walking distance.

3. Food stalls!! From nasi campur, hot food, kuih-muih, fruits, etc. Semua ada... Yang paling femes mesti la Hassan Shah, betul-betul opposite the campus. And also kedai makan MZ. Kalau time lunch, memang penuh. Walking distance je...

4. Shopping!! Nak pergi mana-mana pun senang. KLCC, Sogo, Ampang Park, Jalan TAR... And of course, last time there was the Mall which is currently under renovation. The Chow Kit itself is a shopping avenue too. Tudung and jubah and baju kurung pun banyak variety. Again walking distance.

5. The Chow Kit area has sidewalk businessmen who cater to my needs such as cobbler, locksmith and clothes alteration/repair shop. And what makes it even more awesome, walking distance.

6. My old office in the KL campus is situated on the 4th floor. Tolerable by stairs. My new office in HUKM is on the 17th floor. Have never tried the stairs and climb that high. Well, excuses la kan... Boleh je naik tangga 4-5 tingkat, then baru naik lif...:P

7. My old office room was spacious and it has a sink. Senang nak ambik wudhu and basuh muka after a short nap...;). The new office room is smaller and lack a sink... (But that doesn't mean I cannot take a nap...;))

8. I can see the Twin Tower and KL Tower from the window of my old office. So the view is postcard material. The new office has a view too. But of the clinical block and academic block of HUKM. Well, nice view too but not considered KL attractions.;)

9. So many places within walking distance, so I think I can reach my 10000 steps a day easily. (Errr... well... itu pun kalau keluar pergi Chow Kit setiap  hari la... Which did not happen...:P) 

10. And finally, the KL campus is close to Citibank, my hubby's office. Senang kalau nak lunch-date...:D Now, dah jauh la pulak...

Anyhow, this move is inevitable. I have finally unpacked and started to settle down in the new office.
I am sure this move brings more good than bad in terms of faculty management and students interaction. May Allah bless our hijrah that we made in the holy month of Ramadhan.:)
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