Mad over Gila-gila
Years ago, I had an obsession of collecting every issues of the Gila-Gila magazines. A certain amount of my pocket money was put aside in order to purchase the biweekly (was it monthly?) humor magazines. And I would kicked myself when the magazines were sold out at the usual mamak store that I needed to desperately went from one store to another to find the issue. One corner of my bedroom was reserved for the magazines and I obsessively arranged the magazines according to its issue number. I remembered how I was pissed off at wits' endwhen  I found out somebody messed up with the arrangement during one of my routine spot checks. Geezz...d'oh obsessive compulsive sungguh. Almost Adrian Monk-like characteristic.

Anyhow, over the years, priorities changed. I stopped collecting the magazines but still enjoyed reading the magazine when I had the chance. 

Some of the interesting elements in the magazine:

Philosophical view or saying called Falsampah Gila-Gila, such as these:

"Membetulkan yang tak betul itu adalah betul, membetulkan yang betul itu adalah tak betul." (lots of people are guilty of membetulkan yang betul kann?tongue)

"Biar duduk kerana penat, jangan penat kerana duduk." (ooo.. I like this one...big grin)

Q and A column with the Professor Serba Tau (PST). Wacky questions can be asked here and of course, expect even wackier answers laughing . Examples: 

Q: Laki saya malas kerja. Asyik tidur baring aje. Saya terpaksa kerja. Apa patut saya buat?
A: Hantar kat zoo.

Q: Apa pandangan PST bila kita jadi negara berpendapatan tinggi nanti?
A: Akan ramai yang hidung tinggi, suara tinggi, cakap tinggi, hutang tinggi, obes tinggi...

Q: Ngapa lelaki sekarang suka kahwin dengan orang luar.
A: Luar biasa pak!

Q: Saya berangan nak beli dan hidup di sebuah pulau tetapi tak mampu, cam mana nak buat?
A: Jadikan diri anda dipulaukan, tak payah ada duit.

For as long as I can remember, the last page of the magazine is always reserved for the cool Lipat-Lepat corner cool . Such as this one.

And another attraction of the magazine is the tiny cartoons randomly drawn  and scattered on the pages of the magazine. The magazine is just like a meal of white rice and condiments of all sorts. Vege, meat, chicken and what nots plus sambal belacan. Kartun kecik tu mcm sambal belacan la... Boleh? laughing

Say Yes To e-Cigarette?
Electronic-cigarette anyone? It is targeted to those who wanted to wean off from their smoking habit.


The whole starter set costs RM310. It consists of the cigarette  with detachable cartridge. The starter pack contains 3 packs of refillable cartridges. Each pack has 5 cartridges.

Cartridges - refillable and contain flavors. Can be the flavor of cigarette brands such as Dunhill or Marlboro. (Hmm... confused Got flavor meh?) Also available in fruity flavors such as vanilla or caramel. A cartridge is said to be equal to 14 cigarettes. Individual refillable cartridge pack (5 cartridges) costs RM15.

When inhaled, the tip lights up, just like a real cigarette. But no ashes la kan...

Smoke is also produced. Upon exhaling, the smoker actually blow out smoke, well... more like vapor actually. But it is odorless and it is said to be harmless to people surrounding. So, boleh la smoke indoor and in air-conditioned places eh? tongue

It does not contain tar and few other harmful ingredients. Hmm...thinking but from my reading these e-cigarettes still contain nicotine. But I also found out that the nicotine concentration varies, can choose from as low as 0 mg of nicotine. Tepuk paru-paru, tanya selera kot? winking.

A trusted informer conveyed to me the flavor is so thick, rasa pahit jadinya.

Hmm...conclusionnya, effective ke tak ni?
The Pau Effect
Last weekend I happened to watch a programme in TV which featured this eating place named Shazana Pau Shop and Cafe. The place is located in Jalan Raja Alang of Kg Baru, KL. And I made a mental note to check the place out.

So, it's like a dream comes true (chewahh!!) when hubby suggested having lunch together. I don't actually know the exact location of the cafe and Jalan Raja Alang is quite a long street, so we ended up cruising the entire street before we caught sight of the shop.

Since it was the 'pau' (dumpling) that was highlighted in the TV programme, jadi tak sah la kalau dah sampai situ dan tak order pau. There are a variety of dumplings such as kaya, red bean, pandan kaya, lotus, anchovies, chicken curry, beef/chicken rendang, beef/chicken black pepper and are priced at RM1.20 or RM1.50 each. We thought of having the black pepper but unfortunately, tak ada pulak sad . So we had pandan kaya and beef rendang. Quite nice. 

We also had the lunch set of the day which consist of white rice, ayam masak kerutup, vege, salted egg and shrimp paste. The set also included a drink. A choice between sirap selasih or sirap cincau. I'm not sure about the price of the lunch set since I was not the one who's paying big grin. I guess RM6 or RM7. The cafe also offers a long list of menu to order from.

We finished our lunch and headed back to our office. Back in the office, my eyes threatened to close several times and I was yawning and yawning. The next thing I knew, zzzzz.......sleepy. Adoiilaa...
The mother side of me
I became a mother way back in 1999. I was a student then. Yeah... I was doing my postgraduate studies and motherhood was quite challenging for me considering the circumstances.

Being a student, I did not have the luxury of the 2-month maternity leave. So I had to go back and continue my research work quite early. I sent my daughter to a nursery at the Pediatric Ward of HKL. It was a walking distance from my office.

The nursery is named Creche and employed breast feeding policy. So all babies must be exclusively fed breast milk, no formula milk is allowed. I used to take some time off from my research work during mid morning, about 10 or 10.30 am and went to the nursery to breastfeed my baby. I went there during lunch hour too. I also provide expressed breast milk so that the babysitter can feed my baby when I was not able to go and breastfeed.

It was tiring, I admit whew!. And the fact that it was my first experience as a mother and my first attempt at breastfeeding a baby made it even more challenging and exhausting. Having a meal while breastfeeding was a common scenario. Eating with my right hand while the left hand hold the baby's head. At times, I couldn't even have a peaceful time in the toilet.

During the working days, sometimes I had to wait for hubby who had to work late so I would pick up my baby from the nursery and we stayed back in the postgrad students' room. Other times, I would be able to use the car and we commuted to the nursery. My daughter was used to the early morning traveling and she was quite comfortable in her baby car seat. But sometimes she did her screaming act crying that I had to stop the car and put her on my lap and continue the journey.

Well, with these challenges and difficulties, one can simply say, Ok, that's it!! No more pregnancy. But hey, I had 3 more after that. Each one with its own hardships. Having four kids is quite a handful for some but that is not even half of what my mother had to face. 9 kids, beb!!  But besides all the hardships and exhaustion, there's joy, pride and happiness. The feelings that I won't trade, not even for a million ringgit.

This morning, I received a self-made card from one of my daughters with this written inside:

Terima kasih emak tolong masak macam-macam. Terima kasih emak tolong menjaga kami. Terima kasih emak tolong membeli hadiah. I love emak. Saya meminta maaf kerana saya nakal. Saya tak akan buat lagi. Terima kasih emak selalu bawa angah jalan-jalan. Terima kasih emak tolong menjaga kami sewaktu kecil hingga besar. Terima kasih emak tolong membeli baju.

Kesian (errk?? Kesian?? confused I know she meant sekian...) terima kasih.

Reading it made me glow inside. My heart almost burst with the love for my kids love struck. I'm truly blessed.

Happy mother's day to all mothers.
The radical bachelors
Lecture for today big grin:
Tocotrienol is a type of vitamin E which is shown to have antioxidant properties. (The other type of vitamin E is tocopherol).

Antioxidants - a molecule that is capable of slowing or preventing oxidation process and fight against free radicals

Oxidants - also called oxidizing agent, is a substance that receives an electron from a substance during oxidation process

Oxidation - a chemical reaction that transfer an electron from a substance to an oxidizing agent and produces free radicals

Free radicals - molecules or atoms or ions which are highly chemically reactive because they have unpaired electrons  and will further cause tissue damage

Can you connect the dots? If you can't, free radicals must be raging in your body right now.winking

I heard a talk recently regarding free radicals and antioxidants. The speaker gave an interesting analogy. She said, free radicals are like bachelors. Free, unstable and go from one girl to another girl and create disturbance.s Remember that free radicals have unpaired electrons? They steal electrons from other tissue or cells and cause tissue or cells damage. So analogically, these bachelors, being young and free with raging (hormones), stole girls' heart. And in the process, the girls became broken-hearted broken heart. And the process continues until the bachelors meet the antioxidants. Hmm...thinking Antioxidant jadi apa dalam ini cerita? Whatever la...

So, stay healthy people. Get enough antioxidants and live well.

Hey... someone should start 'I hate free radicals' or 'I like antioxidants' fan pages in Facebook. Ke dah ada?  tongue
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Boomerangs of Life
Have you ever encountered this scenario?

At a traffic light, my car was several cars away from the junction. When the light turned green, the line seemed to move very slow. Looks like a driver was not aware of the change of light. As a results,the light changed to red and I was still stuck at the junction. Muttering to myself, 'Tidur ke?? Or busy texting? FBing maybe? ..sheesh... bebel...bebel...bebel...' angry It was quite a long wait. So, what the heck, I glanced at my phone and check for FB notifications. Well, it turned out, I did more than a glance. When I looked up, the light had turned green again and I saw a big gap between my car and the car in front. Yikes!! surprise Looking guiltily at the car behind via the rear-view mirror, I pushed my foot hard on the accelerator. The car behind must be muttering the same obscenities to me. Mujur the driver did not honk. Maybe he/she was doing the same thing as me? winking

What about this scenario?

At a toll plaza. I have a Touch and Go card but no Smart Tag. So, I chose the lane that had the shortest queue. And I was ready with my TnG card. But the driver in front was taking his/her own sweet time and of course that invited more mutterings, more membebel and more expletives from me. Well, mild expletives je...big grin Finally the car in front decided it was time to move on and I impatiently took my place at the TnG sensor. The card was already in my hand and I was ready to put out my hand and touch the card to the sensor. The next thing I knew was, my hand banged onto the closed window of my car. Dang!! d'ohRasa nak hantuk kepala je kat tingkap tu dek kerana kebodohan dan kesombongan diri sendiri. I was too busy condemning the driver in front that I forgot to wind down my own window. Ambik kau!!

Or maybe you have faced this kind of scenario before:

At a toll plaza again. Now I own the Smart Tag. At that particular toll plaza, there are two lanes for Smart Tag users. And I tried to choose the lane that will be the fastest. And guess what? I chose wrong again. at wits' endTwo cars in front, a car stalled. Maybe the Smart Tag device was out of battery, maybe the TnG card was not topped up, or maybe the driver just realized that he/she did not own a Smart Tag nor TnG winking. Well, those differential diagnoses were running through my head, along with some more muterings, more condemning and more mild expletives.  The driver finally solved whatever problem he/she was having. I sighed, and eager to continue my way when to my exasperation, the 'bertuah' Smart Tag sensor could not detect my Smart Tag device and the message that appeared on the screen was 'TIADA KAD'. Cheh!! angry

Pic from here.

Moral of the story: Don't say bad things about people, don't treat people bad shame on you. Coz those words, those nasty acts are just like boomerangs. They would come back and most likely hit you. You just never know when. Kadang-kadang immediately after.