Smoking hot Wangsa Grill
Thought of writing about my Hong Kong trip, but my recent gastronomic experience was just too good to delay. So Hong Kong has to wait.

My family and I have passed by Wangsa Grill by Chef Zubir several times. I have also heard excellent reviews from others. So, we went there the other night, to celebrate the 10th birthday of my 3rd daughter, Syahidah.
Nice place and nice deco.

We were given this maruku chips as appetiser. I have had this maruku before and maruku ni memang sedap.

My husband had beef steak roulade. I had a taste. Love the creamy puree.

My daughters ordered:
Fish and chips.

Chicken schnitzel burger.

Beef burger.

And chicken chop.

Yummy!! Love the presentation too.
In addition, the kids also enjoyed their chocolate and vanilla milkshake.
I ate bits and pieces from the kids dishes. Memang sedap.
Berbaloi la dengan harga.

We spotted Chef Zubir who was busy in the kitchen putting his personal touch to the dishes. Hubbby asked a waiter whether it is possible to take a picture with the chef. The waiter communicated to Chef Zubir. And Chef Zubir sportingly went out to meet us after he finished his chores. He commented on our 5 daughters and said, 'Saya semua hero..' Nice guy.

I whatsapped the picture above to my close friends. One of them made a remark, 'Femes ke chef tu?' Ha ha... Ada jugak yang tak tengok Masterchef Malaysia rupanya... (nama close friend tu terpaksa dirahsiakan...:P)
London bridge is (not) falling down
Second chapter of my very short UK trip... Two nights in Sheffield and one night in London. In London, my colleagues and I stayed at Holiday Villa in Bayswater area. A small hotel with Malaysian hospitality.

The room that I got was very small and has a funny layout. There are a few steps going down from the door to the bed area.

And everything are squeezed in the small space.

Well, I am not complaining, but just amused. We were on a budget trip anyway. Plus, it was only for one  night and it was more than enough for one person actually.

That night, we headed to a Chinese Halal restaurant called Noodle Oodle for dinner.

We ordered the set menu which consist of this appetiser

that came with this garlicky but delicious soy sauce.

This noodle dish. Could not remember the name.

And dessert.
I could barely finish the dessert. I was so full. After that we took a stroll along the road where there are numerous souvenir shops. I shed some of my pounds there.

The next morning, we had our breakfast in the hotel. We were given a choice between nasi lemak or roti canai as the main dish. Of course, I chose nasi lemak. Starting to miss the rice... ha ha... Exaggerating.. Baru berapa hari tak jumpa nasi..

And we helped ourselves to the buffet spread.

Then we checked out and left our luggage at the front desk and went out to catch the Hop-on Hop-off bus. It was very cold despite all the clothing that I wore. After waiting for some freezing minutes at the bus stop, we finally board the bus. We opted for the upper deck (for better view) and managed to secure seats which are sheltered under the roof. Or else, the cold would be intolerable. We were provided with earphones that we can plug into the seat. And as we travel, we can listen to the recorded commentary on the sights and buildings seen along the road.
There are several companies operating the hop-on hop-off bus tours. We took the Big Bus Tours.
Each tour bus would have their own routes. And along the routes, there are several stops and attractions that you can get off and have tour on your own. We don't have much time since we need to leave for airport latest by 5 pm. So we skipped many stops and just passed by most of them.

We intended to reach Buckingham Palace in time to observe the change of guards. But we did not manage to do that. Reason to visit London again in future...? InshaAllah.
We managed to take the boat cruise though.

It was very cold on the bus. And as we walked to the jetty, I thought I would freeze. Luckily, the pics we took had no sound. If not, can hear my teeth chattering. The view is nice though. Blue sky, yes...but freezing..

It was a relief to be in the boat and get away from the cold. I bought hot tea, and it was heaven after the freezing weather.

It was a short boat trip and we got off at one of the piers, close to Big Ben. And of course, a pic is a must.
And the Eye of London.

It was quite impossible to find a spot or moment that you can snap a photo without any pedestrians at the background or other people with the same intention as you, so belasah je la... Busy betul background dgn orang ramai...

Then we hopped on to the bus again, and thought of heading to Oxford Street, a must stop for shopping. Unfortunately, traffic in London was quite bad and getting from one stop to another stop, took ages. I took a lot of scenery pics. And even though the recorded voice mention every building, statue and scenery that we passed by, I have forgotten most of them.
Here are some of the pics.
We passed by the Malaysian Embassy. Can see the flag outside.
We also passed by this eating place named Jom Makan. Malaysian owned I assumed.
This blue cock statue at the Trafalgar Square is very prominent against the grey, bleak weather of London.

View from the bus as we travelled along a bridge.

Anyhow, not able to reach Oxford Street, we stopped by Harrods. And I bought nothing. Ha ha.... Others would have shopped like crazy kann... One evidence that I am not a shopaholic..? :P

After Harrods, we took a taxi back to the hotel. And managed to rest a while at the lobby before our taxi to airport arrived.
And that ended my London trip. I am happy to report that, London bridge is (not) falling down while we were there... :D
Next: a tale of Hong Kong (maybe)