Out of the usual
Wow... two months of inactivity. This is SO unusual. But the inactivity is just limited to this blog space. Elsewhere, business as usual...:)
Now, where do I resume? What to write? Which story to tell? Since I started off this entry with unusual, maybe I should write on something unusual. Something from two months back.
I was offered to attend a course organized by the faculty, Transformation Course, in Malacca. Mahkota Hotel to be exact. Since hubby was not able to join, I was on my own. And to make it more pitiful, it was our wedding anniversary. :`(
Anyhow, there I was. Alone in a nice hotel room. With a living and kitchen area. And no one to share it with.

The hotel is in the middle of the city. Situated opposite the shopping mall, Mahkota Parade. And yet, I was not able to enjoy the luxury of shopping or window-shopping. The course schedule was packed until the night. And you just wanted to hit the bed once you are back in the room.
Interesting course, I must say. Not just because of the programme line-up. But also the participants. The participants were a mixture of all posts and grades in PPUKM. From lecturers to lab technologists, to nurses, to administrative staff, to drivers etc. I was put in a group in which I was the only lecturer. The group members thought I was someone else. And they could not believe it when they know who I am. Ha ha....
Some of  the pics of the group.

Amongst the activity that we had, one activity was very interesting. We were each given a blank piece of paper and a cellophane tape. We were then arranged in a circle and we had to stick the piece of paper onto the back of the person on our right. And then we had to go round and take turn to write on the paper our first impression of the person. Well, it ain't easy. Because of the large number of participants, I really could not make a fair or accurate impression of most of the participants. Apart from my own small group, I hardly communicate with the rest of the participants. I ended up reading what others had wrote on the paper and I tend to write the same or similar thing. Ha ha... Cheating I know. Tapi sungguh, it was hard. And to make it worse, we had a few minutes of darkness when suddenly the electric went out. Lagi la tak boleh nak buat first impression. Anyhow, these are what the others think of me... :D

We had fun. And I am glad I attended this course. Because I would never have known these people if not for this course. It is very unlikely that our paths will ever cross considering the different careers that we have. So I count my blessings and were really grateful to get to know these 'out of the usual' people. At least one should realize that the world does not revolve around oneself. :)