How do you measure success?
Some people measure it by how many As you scored in the exam.
Some may measure it by how many medals you got in sports.
Some may measure it by the type of car you drive.
Some may measure it by the size of the house you live in.
Some may measure it by the rank you are holding in your organization.
Some may measure it by how many kids you have...;)

Well, talking about kids, I have 5. Each one different from the others. And you just cannot generalize your kids.They have their own personality, uniqueness and skills. They developed at a different pace too.

My eldest, Syakila, has always excel in school. Every year, she will be up there on the stage to receive her certificates of excellence. Last year she started her secondary school. And alhamdulillah, her good performance continues. We went to her Prize giving ceremony recently. And as parents, we are really proud of her. 

My second daughter, Syahirah, is an average student. Kadang2 dapat score A, kadang2 tak. Unlike her Along, she never receive any prize or certificate of excellence. Of course, we would love to see her on the stage but we tried not to pressure her and compare her with her elder sister. 

So, recently, we were surprised when we received the letter that she will be receiving a prize for her last year's performance in sekolah agama. 

Even though the class she was in was ranked either 4th or 5th, and her total marks are no way near the students from the top class, I am still proud of her. Because the increase in 1 mark is still a success. Going up one class is still called a success. In our enthusiasm to observe bigger and greater success, we tend to overlook small success one has achieved. Because every success starts with small steps.

So, how do you measure success?
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Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan
I came across this poem last year during the year 1 orientation week. The poem was printed on the programme book. I was so impressed with the verses and the wordings, and the meaning of its lines. And after a year, when I read it again, the feelings are still the same.

I copied the poem from here and not sure the exact source and who's the author. But one site mentioned that this poem is from Khazanah Adat Perpatih. The poem is about how one should behave, act or talk. Berbudi pekerti. 


Hidup dalam pekerti
Mati dalam budi

Bila duduk, duduk bersifat
Bila tegak, tegak beradat

Bila bercakap, bercakap berkhasiat
Bila diam, diam makrifat

Kalau bercakap di bawah-bawah
Tapi tidak ke bawah sangat
Nanti mati dipihak gajah

Kalau duduk di tepi-tepi
Tapi jangan ke tepi sangat
Nanti tercampak ke pelimbahan

Kalau mandi di hilir-hilir
Tapi jangan ke hilir sangat
Nanti hanyut ditelah gelombang

Kalau makan berjimat-jimat
Tetapi jangan berjimat sangat
Nanti badan tinggal tulang

Kalau berlabuh pada yang tenang
Kalau berhenti pada yang teduh
Kalau bersandar pada yang kuat
Kalau bersila pada yang rata

Nice eh? Well, even though I have some queries on the words such as 'dipihak gajah' and 'ditelah gelombang', but the message is loud and clear. And if you share the same feelings as me, then I can be assured, there are still hope for this country/world.;)

Anyhow, besides describing the guide on how one should behave, the poem also stressed on moderation in everything that we do. Bersederhana dalam bab makan, bersederhana ketika bercakap... I guess it can also be extended to bersederhana dalam shopping, bersederhana dalam memuja seseorang (..oopps!) or bersederhana dalam berkempen..(double oopps!!)

I just hope that the 5th pillar of the country does not change from Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan to Kesopanan dan Kesusialan... (pardon my language). Peace!
Men from Mars, women from Venus?
It is a known fact that men can't seem to understand women. Women love to communicate via hints while men tend to be straightforward. When women said they are fine, they may not be fine after all. When women said they are not that hungry, just take them to a restaurant. Bila kata tak kisah, sebenarnya kisah.

I read something about this in Facebook the other day. And I found the same article here. An excerpt of the article:

Begin copy -

Pada masa itu mereka sedang melalui deretan kedai-kedai makan. Terdapat beberapa ungkapan yang tidak terus yang wanita gunakan untuk memberitahu suami yang mereka lapar. Mereka tidak sanggup mengungkapkan perkataan, “Abang saya lapar, berhenti di kedai makan depan itu sekarang”. Mereka akan menggunakan bahasa tidak terus seperti berikut, “Abang tak lapar ke?”. Atau, “Dulu kita pernah makan di kedai depan tu kan, sedap masakannya”. Atau, “Tomyam kedai di depan tu sedapkan Abang”. Dan banyak lagi ungkapan-ungkapan yang kebanyakan lelaki tidak faham. 

Maka suami yang romantik ialah apabila sahaja dia mendengar isyarat ini, dia telah tahu bahawa isterinya sedang lapar dan mahu makan. Tanpa bersoaljawab, dia terus sahaja membelokkan keretanya ke halaman deretan kedai makan dan mencari pakir yang dekat dengan restoren yang dia sebut tadi.

-End copy
Not sure who's the original writer. But yes, I guess there are some truth in it. Maybe I'm guilty of it some times and was not even aware of it. 

Recently, I made a statement to my husband how my S3 battery drains out very fast. And I blamed it on excessive whatsapping with my girlfriends. Well, maybe due to heavy facebooking as well...:) 

Then after a few days he bought me this:

Powerbank! Cool... Now I don't have to worry about the phone dying out on me or having the hassle of bringing the charger along or to find for electric point to stick it in.

And then, on another day, I made a remark that my few-years-old Panasonic Lumix camera mcm dah tak sharp je bila ambik gambar. Alasan la kan... tak pandai ambik gambar salahkan camera. Ha ha... 

Few days after that, he bought me a new camera. Double cool...

Well, in the first place, tak mintak pun beli powerbank or camera baru. Honestly those statements were made without any intention. Biasa la kot, org pompuan, semua benda nak grumble or nak whine. Sometimes words of sympathy pun dah cukup. Bukan mintak beli baru pun. 

But reading the article about how women say things that they don't mean, well... maybe I sent the wrong signal unconsciously. And somehow my husband expertly read those unspoken signals. So, are men really from Mars? Yeah, maybe. But some men may have ventured to Venus and learn something about women. 

Hmm.... lepas ni nak send signals pasal apa pulak eh...? Handbag? Kereta? ;D