I attended a majlis tahlil held by Tunku Muna for her late father, Almarhum Sultan Iskandar, last weekend. It was at Masjid Wilayah which is not that far from my home. It was the first time I set foot in Masjid Wilayah. It is a very beautiful mosque.

Credit to Asni Abdul Samad's FB photo for this pic

Few other friends from school also came. There was a tazkirah after Maghrib. Please don't ask me the details of the tazkirah. All that I can remember was that it is about Prophet Muhammad and how we should follow his examples and sunnahs. The rest, mcm masuk telinga kanan, keluar telinga kiri. And who to blame, kalau kejap-kejap ada yang keluar camera, kejap2 keluar BlackBerry, kejap2 keluar iPhone to snap pictures. And how can I concentrate with these 'cute' antics?big grin

Credit to Asni Abdul Samad's FB photo for this pic

But I enjoyed the gathering. Reminds me of my school days, having jemaah prayers in the school's madrasah and reciting Yaasin dreaming

The tahlil was performed right after Isya' prayers. And we had dinner afterwards. Alhamdulillah, rezeki, I did not just enjoyed the dinner but we were given a 'bontrot' each to take back home. When I first heard the word, I was like, Huh?? surprise Bontrot?? Later I found out that it is a Javanese word, for take-away food especially after a feast when the hostess packed the food for the guests to take home. What a funny word, but nonetheless, new knowledge for me. Here's a pic of us with 'bontrot' in view. 

 Credit to Emma Sharmila's FB photo for this pic

Err... you have to make sure you pronounce the word properly...winking
Hantu Kak Limah Ngangkung
My family went to watch a Malay movie entitled 'Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah' some time ago. It is a comedy ghost story which happens in a village called Kg Pisang. There was a movie named Zombie Kg Pisang previously. And the Kak Limah movie is not a sequel but rather another extraordinary tale that happened in the same village.

The story is about Kak Limah who was claimed to be a ghost and was seen terrorizing and terrifying the villagers. Lots of funny scenes transpired when the villagers went all out in trying to solve the problem and banish Kak Limah's ghost. One scene I liked best is when the ghost-buster or 'bomoh hantu' tried to summon Kak Limah's spirit tapi alih-alih yang datang Hantu Neng Nak pulak...laughing

Another movie that we watched with the same genre was Ngangkung. A movie about 3 friends who took a short-cut to be rich by using black magic in order to get a winning lottery ticket. Lots of funny scenes and  slap-in-the-face scenes when finally they realized there's no short-cut to riches but instead maybe a short-cut to hell.

One scene that amused me the most is the scene in a GP's clinic. The GP was trying to dissuade a couple from having an abortion. Well, obviously, the couple was having an extra-marital affair. However, the methods of abortion that the doctor exlained were grossly funny and out of the world. Understood, it is a funny movie and the scene is supposed to be hilarious. But still, having a doctor who gave such a consultation.... Ok... I'll accept the scene for the sake of its funniness big grin.

Anyhow, my kids enjoyed both movies so much.

Favorite dialogue -
From Hantu Kak Limah movie:
- Husiinn.... Husiinnn...
- Ce cerita... ce cerita...

From Ngangkung:
- 'Atuk, nenek... cucu tumpang kencing...' 'Bila masa pulak aku kawin dgn atuk kau..'

And thank God, my kids were not spooked by the nursery rhyme 'Enjit-enjit semut, siapa sakit naik atas' which was frequently sang by 'hantu' Kak Limah in the movie.
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Tangan-tangankan anak
A couple of weeks ago, there was a meeting between the parents who have kids taking UPSR this year and the school's principal. And being one of the parents, off to the school we went on that Saturday.

The event started with a motivational talk by an ustaz who resides in Jerantut. It was a very interesting talk about parenting but unfortunately I can't remember his name. Nor can I remember the consultation company that he's attached to. This memory failure is so frustratingat wits' end. But I still remember the gist of his talk and would like to share it here.

'Sayangkan anak, tangan-tangankan'. We often heard this phrase. And usually we refered 'tangan-tangankan' as memukul in the name of educating the kids. The speaker gave different perspectives to that phrase:

1. Tangan-tangankan as in parents using the hands to work and cari rezeki halal in order to provide shelter, food, clothes for the kids.

2. Tangan-tangankan as in parents using the hands to guide the kids and facilitate them to the right path.

3. Tangan-tangankan as in parents using the hands to lift up the kids when they fall or when faced with failures or obstacles in life.

4. Tangan-tangankan as in parents using the hands to spank the kids when necessary. However, this must be done appropriately and has its limits.

5. Tangan-tangankan as in parents put their hands together and du'a; pray to Allah that the kids will grow to be a good muslim/muslimah.

So, next time you consider this phrase during your parenthood, remember its many facets big grin.

Hmm... can't help myself, but that is only half the phrase, the other half goes like this: Sayangkan bini, tinggalkan-tinggalkan. Considering from different perspectives, tinggal-tinggalkan does not always mean leave the wife behind while the husband goes to work but can also imply: tinggal-tinggalkan duit sekepuk dua, or kereta 2, 3 bijik or emas berlian sepeti dua... Ok, kidding... winking

Anyhow, in living our live, we have an individual with exemplary behavior and character that we can follow i.e. none other than our prophet Muhammad. Mudah-mudahan.

Wishing all readers salam Maulidur Rasul happy. 
Another grandchild in the making
I am already a grandma when my niece gave birth to a son a couple of years ago. And recently, one of my nephews, Megat Firdaus, got engaged. Hmm... looks like this road of grandmotherhood has no stopping.tongue

It was a 2-in-1 event that day, merisik (asking? spying?confused) and engagement. All gifts or hantaran were beautifully aranged and decorated. Nine trays altogether.

Nice arrangement of tepak sirih. 

We set out to Mambau, Negeri Sembilan shortly after noon. This is the nephew. Aikkk... bawak tepak sirih sendiri?winking

Upon arrival.

 The discussion and negotiation process.

Well, frankly, not much of negotiation occured. Most of the terms of the engagement period have been pre-discussed and agreed ahead by the 2 lovebirds. But still, the interaction between the representatives of the 2 families was interesting to listen to. Especially when there were pantun involved. Such as this one... well, if my memory (and auditory) still intact, that is...big grin

Gendang bukan sebarang gendang
Gendang dibuat daripada kerisik
Bertandang bukan sebarang bertandang
Bertandang berhajat untuk merisik.

Hmm... something not right with the pantun I think. Gendang dibuat daripada kerisik? Well, that's what I heard anyway.

This is the girl or the 'bunga yang nak disunting'.batting eyelashes

Then the highlight of the event, putting on the rings (one for merisik and one for engagement) by my sister-in-law. Aisey....d'oh I can only see the fingers but no rings. Salah angle la pulak snap gambar.

We then had lunch, courtesy of the host. Orang Nogoghi la katakan, so tak sah kalau tak de masak lemak cili api which was yummy...thumbs up

More photo shoots ensued following lunch.

The bride-to-be and her MIL-to-be. Now, you can at least glimpse the rings.

The bride-to-be and her cousins-to-be.

A photo of the couple.

And this story will have its sequel in 4 months time, InsyaAllah. 
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Thirst quencher
The kids had been bugging me for home-made chocolate ice-blended. After buying some time with excuses like "Nanti mak buat" or "Ok, nanti ya..." or "Hari ni tak sempat la..." I finally granted their request.

5 table spoons of Milo
2 cups of chocolate milk
2 cups of ice cubes (or was it 3 cups?? Try and error je la ya..)

Blend the above together. (Enough for 4 glasses, just nice for my 4 kids)

Pour the blended mixture into a glass. (Note: the above ingredients were enough for 4 glasses)

Squeeze a generous amount of whipped cream on top.

And sprinkle some colored rice candy.


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