The dark side of FB
Facebook, while it's good to keep you in touch with friends and family members, it also exposes you to some of its dark side.

Ever received a personal message like this?

Or a flattering one like this? A guy with sweet words like this. Who can resist huh? (Yeah...right...)

Or one with sweeter words like this one? Cair beb...(notttt!!)

Or one who is determined like this one? And you really think he is sincere and serious about falling in love with you. (Seriously???)

Thinking of replying their messages? Tettt.... wrong answer. Don't ever let yourself be fooled with these flattery messages from guys who look as decent as your next door neighbor. For all you know the profile pictures are just copy and paste from somewhere.You never know what devilish plans they have in mind if you respond to them. So do set boundaries to your FB. Even though there are many good sides of FB, beware of its dark side.

Sekian, pesanan khidmat masyarakat.:)

Exploring Pahang
I was born in Pahang and received my early education there. But I have yet to visit and see the many places of interest in Pahang. However, within these 2 years, I have explored and experienced more of Pahang than I ever did for the past 20-30 years.

It started last year. We had the department's family day in Bukit Gambang Resort City.

I was pregnant with my youngest daughter then and was miserably down with fever. I later found that I had dengue! I wrote about the dengue experience here. Anyhow, despite having fever and body aches, I managed to enjoy the place with the aid of paracetamol.

We struck a reasonable package deal with the place. Can't remember the details but the entrance fee to the water park is a bit cheaper than normal rate.

The lobby, siap ada numbering system. Convenient when there are lots of patrons. Tak perlu lah beratur panjang-panjang. 

The pool, which we never had the chance to explore. Sebab dah ada water theme park, pool takat jeling-jeling je...;P

We stayed in a 2-room apartment. Each with 2 single beds. Nice for my whole family.

The living area and kitchen.

We held our telematch indoor. But we had fun all the same. Amongst the games: 
Kids competing to pop the balloon.

Adults with modified bowling.

And of course, being heavily pregnant, kena slow and steady je la. Tak boleh buat too rigorous activities. Bowling considered mild.

That night, we had barbecue. Menu: ok la... not bad in terms of variety.

After the barbecue, we took a stroll around the area. There are fun-fair like activities.

The next day, we headed to the water theme park. It is quite a distance from the apartment to the water theme park, so either you go by car or go by the shuttle provided. Can't remember whether the shuttle is free or not but we went by our car.

Then, wet time. Well, at least for hubby and the kids la. I remained dry sitting by the side. He he... Tak larat la nak sama-sama splish-splashing in the water. Dengan fevernya and dgn nak bawak badan yang dah saratnya lagi. Lucky for me, hubby rajin layan anak masuk air.:)

And then this year, the department had the family day in Pahang too. This time in Felda Residence Tekam located in Jerantut. 

We were supposed to be there on Friday but my family and I had to delay our trip since Syahirah had a school camp and was not back until late Saturday afternoon. So we missed the telematch but were in time for barbecue.

The department members who attended. The theme was black/white/red.

The barbecue. In terms of variety, not much la.

The place consists of semi detached chalets. The chalets were quite far from the lobby but you can drive your car to the chalet.

The chalet itself has 2 single beds and 1 queen bed. 

The queen bed is located on a lower deck. There is a short flight of stairs connecting the upper and lower deck.

The place also offers various team-building activities and challenges. The other department members joined the activities like flying fox and raft building and what nots. I skipped those and spent time with the kids by the pool. Ngelat betul...:)

When we traveled to Felda Tekam, we followed the East Coast Highway and exit via Chenor. On our way back to KL, we followed another route through Lipis and Raub and stopped by my parents' house.

On another occasion, my research group had a research retreat in Cherengin Hills Resort and Spa in Janda Baik. We went there on Friday night. The route was very dark and quite scary. Thank God for GPS coordinates.

The room was quite small. Adding an extra bed made the room extra crowded.

The view of the pool taken from the room.

The research group and our meeting room.

The dining place.

The place and the surrounding village area was nice though. We managed to have breakfast in one of the warung there. We also managed to find a spot for a dip in the cool and clear, unpolluted river.

On another trip, we went to a wedding in Kemaman but we overnight in Cherating ie Holiday Villa Beach Resort and Spa.

We have been to Cherating several times but first time staying in Holiday Villa.

We managed to secure a room on the ground floor. Keluar-keluar sliding door terus boleh terjun pool.:)

The kids had fun in the pool and at the beach.

There are also chalets available.

And the area is suitable for family day function.

Lots of interesting places to visit in Pahang and these are only a few. It is not named Land of Prosperity (Darul Makmur) for nothing. Even though I do not know how to speak the Pahang dialect, and I may not even know the existence of the small villages in Pahang. But I am proud to say, my hometown is in Pahang.:)