Mystery of the disappearing spoons
Almost every weekdays, I prepared food-packs for my school-going kids. See here.
Almost every weekdays, I fill in their water bottles.
Almost every weekdays, the kids routinely put the water bottles and tupperwares into their bags.
Almost every weekdays, they will take one spoon each and put into their bags. Leceh la kalau mihun goreng nak suap guna tangan...winking
And almost every weekdays, I have to holler and yell like a She-tarzan to remind the kids to take out their tupperwares and water bottles so that I can wash the containers. wits' end Tiap-tiap hari nak kena jerit, nak kena ingatkan...I don't know what my neighbors might be thinking tongue.

Then one day, late evening, all the kids were upstairs taking their baths..ntah iye mandi... Ntah2 on computer games, ntah2 layan cerita Qalesya (best jugak cerita ni) or Hagemaru (ntah hape2 kartun ni...). I noticed that they haven't taken out their food containers yet. Isyh..isyh..isyh... angry

Tak kuasa nak jerit-jerit, I opened up Syahidah's school bag and took out her container. I rummaged her bag looking for the spoon which she took that morning. I found the spoon, as well as 3 other spoons and 1 fork. No wonder la my spoons were diminishing thinking. All this while, upon being yelled at, she just took out the container but left the spoon. And she has been accumulating spoons in her bag. Memang bertuah anak ini...d'oh

A year-old photo, back to school 2009.

School was out for a week. And the kids were asking whether there's any plan of going anywhere or of doing anything. Since hubby could not take leave, I decided to have a couple of days off and spent time with them. Coincidentally, a friend from school, Mastura, organized cupcake decoration classes for kids. Just the activity I need for my girls. The kids were excited when I told them about the deco class and were looking forward to it. 

So, my 3 girls and I went to Mas's house last Thursday. There, I met Mimi, another friend from school which I have not met for quite some time. A house-wife and mother to 5, she is also a cancer fighter, being diagnosed to have breast cancer and was later detected to have thyroid cancer. She had total thyroidectomy recently. And I salute her for her strong will and her positive attitude towards life thumbs up. And Nor was there too with her daughters. She's the principal, who was one of the RCK members big grin .

Ok, back to the deco class. First, the kids were taught how to make grass. Along's grass was very short and trimmed. Angah's was quite long. Syahidah's dah macam semak samun winking. They were supposed to also decorate the grass with the flower candies. Syahidah popped more candies into her mouth than on the grassd'oh.

They were also taught how to spread the icing on the cupcake to make the base. See how focused Syahidah was, you can tell by her muncung lips...laughing

Then they either stick the Barbie or Princess images and decorate sesuka hati. Aunty Mas was very generous with the flower candieshappy .

Or squeeze the icing bag to make some flowers. Yearggh!! Sampai guna both hands tu... And with her muncung of determination...big grin

These were some of the products of their keras-tangan...winking Got ladybirds and little girl designs as well. One ladybird lacked spots on one half of its body... Kesian...happy

By the way, Mas is doing her cupcake business fulltime, famously known as Mastura Chomel Cupcakes. Can visit her Fotopage or her Facebook if you are interested to know more. Her cupcakes are delicious. These were her cupcakes which I ordered sometime ago for my kids. Yummy aren't they? drooling

My kids enjoyed the class very much. I would recommend this to every parents. Boys pun boleh. And my kids were proud of their skills even though crooked sana sini, terbabas sana sini. And I'm so proud of them big hug. Skill-wise, I had a go at it too... and I'm not a good icing-squeezer either tongue. What's more important, the fun, the excitement and how it would improve their artistic skills. And what's even more wonderful about this kind of activity, I don't have to worry about cleaning up after the session whew!. Well, I hope Aunty Mas did not have a headache clearing the mess...winking
Extending the iPhone life
This is a story of Mummy and her iPhone

Mummy just got an iPhone...
Lots of applications, one of which is FB...wajib ada..big grin
Can store lots of songs...yeah...dancing
Lots of free games...Kids fighting over it... adoii...d'oh

So, on a normal day, mommy may use it to log in onto FB, or maybe check her email account. And of course make calls to people, such as daddy and tanya, 'Pukul berapa abang balik?'happy
Then the kids may take turns to play the games. Let's say, each kid spent half an hour of playing?
The daddy pun mungkin tumpang semangkuk jugak main games which is unlikely because he got his PSP. But maybe la... who knows...thinking

Then the next day, mummy went to work only to find the battery level showing red alert. Arggh... wits' end That's the downside of these iPhones...hari-hari kena charge... And mummy forgot to bring charger. Mummy would rather suffer no air-cond at work but please not handphone battery kong..

Thus, mummy was grateful to daddy who was very understanding and bought for mummy this solar charger for iPhone kiss. Can be solar charged (at least 6 hours under hot sun) or electrically charged (at least 3 hours). It's chic-looking and can fit nicely in mummy's handbag. Once fully charged the solar charger can be plugged in into the iPhone and able to supply an extra 40 minutes talking time to the iPhone. So, very helpful in emergency cases when the battery went dry. I repeat EMERGENCY. So mummy is not supposed to play games or to browse the FB on the emergency extra battery power shame on you. Well, let's hope mummy don't forget to charge the solar charger or else she better pray that the sun is hot enough for charging...winking
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Morning chaos
This has been THE routine for me for the past 2 years. Waking up as early as 5.30 am to cook and prepare food packs for the kids before they go to school. Well, sometimes I did terlajak, lambat bangun, 6 am, and sometimes 6.30 am. Imagine the chaos and how lipas-kudung I was when I was late..whew! For comparison, on a good day, waking up early at 5.30 am, I can still have time to sit for a while and check FB via my mobile...laughing

The menu ranged from fried rice, fried noodle, fried vermicelli, fried kue teow, sometimes as simple as sausage roll or fried nuggets or fried meatballs but sometimes as leceh as nasi lemak or mee sup... Based on demand and request. I will usually ask them the night before what they want for their bekal and sometimes hoping for an answer like this..'Tak nak bekal esok...' Yeah... right.. wishful thinking...rolling eyes

To save time, I usually prepare the ingredients the night before. I will usually  slice the fish cakes, fish balls and what nots and keep 'em in the fridge. And I have always kept containers of blended garlic, onions and dried chillies in the fridge. The next morning, tinggal nyala api and campak-campak je dalam kuali..winking Really save my time that way.

And during school holidays, I was envisioning a longer beauty sleep for me and a less chaotic morning. Since the kids are not rushing to the school, hubby will manage to buy some food for breakfast from the stalls nearby before he left for work. So, tak payah la mak nak masak, betul tak..? batting eyelashes  But no..., that luxury was denied. They still wanted home-cooked dish. Reasons:

1. Yang beli punya tak sedap. (Me: Yeay!! Meaning, mak masak sedap la kan?? big grin)
2. Yang beli punya banyak sayur. (Me: Uiks.. Yes, all my dishes above are prepared minus the vege. Hmm...thinking does that make me a bad influence on my kids? But even if I add in the vege, they still won't eat it. Baik jangan susah-susahkan diri sendiri...tongue)

Anyhow, regardless of the reasons, looks like my chaotic morning routine is here to stay for many years to come. But they do surprise me sometimes... no 'bekal' day or no need home-cooked breakfast.. Like this morning for instance. I wonder, whether this lucky break will persist throughout the week raised eyebrows.