Berehat dalam ibadah
Ramadhan dah makin sampai ke penghujung. Mudah-mudahan ibadah seperti solat terawih masih diteruskan sehingga malam terakhir (reminder to myself sebab selalu sangat tak tercapai).

Bercakap tentang solat terawih ni, pernah dengar satu ceramah ni, 2-3 tahun yang lepas. Ustaz tu kata terawih bermaksud berehat-rehat. Maksudnya, boleh laksanakan dua rakaat, kemudian berehat, then sambung lagi 2 rakaat dan seterusnya.

From my reading (yang tak berapa luas ni), it is so-called berehat-rehat sebab di zaman Rasulullah SAW dulu, baginda mengerjakan solat terawih dua atau empat rakaat dan kemudian berehat sebentar untuk menjawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan sahabat baginda.

Konsep yang sama boleh digunapakai, lebih-lebih lagi di hujung Ramadhan ni. Sambil bakar biskut raya, solat dua rakaat, berhenti rehat kejap, tengok biskut dah masak belum, sambung balik solat dua rakaat. Sambil pasang langsir raya, solat dua rakaat, berhenti rehat kejap, pasang pulak langsir kat tingkap dapur, sambung balik solat dua rakaat. Sambil jahit bling bling kat baju raya, solat dua rakaat, berhenti kejap, jahit pulak bling-bling kat lengan baju belah kanan, sambung balik solat dua rakaat. Sambil tengok Grey's Anatomy kat channel 711, solat dua rakaat masa iklan, berhenti kejap, tengok balik McDreamy buat clinical trial on Alzheimer patients, sambung balik solat dua rakaat.....errr...NOT!!! Terus tak khusyuk solat terawih dok ingat McDreamy, McSteamy dgn Avery yang macho itu. ;)

Anyhow, I have been applying konsep berehat-rehat dalam mengerjakan solat terawih. Not that I have to consult or give advice to anyone like the Prophet, but as a mother to a baby, kejap-kejap nak menyusu. And as a mother to a 4-y-o kid, sekejap nak susu, sekejap BO (atau dalam bahasa kasarnya, nak gi jamban). And as a mother to 3 school-goer kids, sekejap kena leraikan diorang bergaduh, sekejap ada yang nak tanya pasal homework.

Thus, there's no excuse whatsoever to not perform solat terawih. Islam itu mudah. Tepuk dada tanya iman la kot...(reminder untuk diri sendiri jugak). Lastly, sempena Syawal yang akan tiba, jari disusun maaf dipohon, andai ada terkasar bahasa, tersilap bicara dan terguris perasaan. Mudah-mudahan dipertemukan lagi dengan Ramadhan yang akan datang, insyaAllah. 
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A business idea (from a 9-y-o kid)
1. Open your internet browser

2. Search for song lyric

3. Copy the lyric

4. Write it nicely on a piece of A4 paper

5. Decorate the paper with ribbon

6. Sell it to your school-mates

That's what my daughter did. She sell it for 10 cents, 20 cents if the paper is decorated with ribbon. Songs that are high on demand: Aishiteru and Cinta Muka Buku. (I myself have never heard these songs until my daughters view it on youtube).

I'm amazed that my daughter came up with this idea. And what even more amazing is that ada pulak orang nak beli tu....considering her handwriting yang ber'seni' itu...:)

p/s To date: dia baru je jual sekeping. Ada 2 orders lagi tapi dia belum sempat buat. Ha ha... baru 2 order, dah tak menang tangan..;)
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Iftar cum birthday dinner
Two of my love ones celebrate their birthday in August. My eldest daughter, Syakila, and my dearest hubby. As usual, we celebrated by dining out.

Syakila's birthday at Riverstone Ecoresort.

The place is located in Sungai Tua, along the road to Ulu Yam, within the green beauty of nature. Definitely not Celcom territory, because no signal at all on my phone...:(

The restaurant is quite big and can accommodate more than 100 patrons. The resort also offers camping facilities, recreational activities and seminar/training packages.

We had the Ramadhan buffet. RM40 per adult, RM20 per child.

Some of the menu.

Asam pedas


Nasi ambeng set

This was what I had: white rice, some daging masak semur, pecal, some kerabu, ayam panggang, ayam masak kicap and the tempe dish. Plus the sagu gula melaka dessert. I passed the asam pedas and patin masak tempoyak.

I had a taste of laksa.

Some of the cakes on the menu.

ABC pun ada.

The drinks.

Overall, the food is quite good. My kids suka. Syahidah had a few rounds of ayam masak kicap. And Syahirah love the curry puffs. Having dinner very close to nature might have something to do with their appetite.

Praying room is available but one has to go up a flight of stairs to get there. So, a bit inconvenient for people with knee problems like my mother-in-law. Luckily, our house is not that far so we managed to rush back for Maghrib prayer.

For hubby's birthday, we made reservations at de Templer. Have to pay RM50 upfront, in case of no-show.

Located near Taman Melati, this place offers Muslim Chinese cuisine.

Complimentary dishes: dates and this crispy and crunchy fish. Very nice, macam keropok. And not salty at all.

We ordered tom yam (medium size)

Buttered prawn (small size)

Boxing chicken (small)
Sweet sour sea bass 

Alhamdulillah, the food was nice. The kids makan bersungguh-sungguh. Syahidah even said that she wants to have her birthday dinner there too. Well, that's about 7 more months to go.
Belum cuba belum tau
My kids can be considered choosy eaters. They dislike vege. If I were to fry noodles or rice, they would ask for no vege. I have been trying to persuade them to try and eat the vege, and failed. I used to say, eat your vege, so that you will have a smooth skin. Well, it worked for a while. Then they started doubting, tak licin pun kulit...? Mana nak licin, baru sekali dua makan...:P

There were other times when they would ask, sedap tak mak? when they saw me eating something they have never tasted before. Instead of answering them, I said, try la, baru tau sedap ke tak. So they tried. And sometimes they like it, sometimes not.

So, over the years, they have developed liking for lots of foods. Recently, they had a taste of otak-otak. And they love it. Siap berebut-rebut. During this Ramadhan, they would be able to put their taste buds into practice. Bazaar Ramadhan pun sejengkal je dari rumah. Macam-macam ada so boleh try makan macam-macam.

This 'belum cuba belum tau' concept can also be applied to everyday task. I have a staff in the office who is supposed to head a unit in the department. The staff was reluctant to accept the task. Reasons: not sure how to do it, afraid will be blamed if anything goes wrong, age factor - better let the younger ones do the task (more skills, more knowledgable). Well, no one is born with all the skills and know everything. You just need to go for it and learn along the way, even if it involve making mistakes. And who says being old put a standstill to gaining new knowledge? Belum cuba belum tau...

Going back to 'trying the food' story, I should pull myself together and go try some sushi! Errr.... Berani ke...?? :)
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