Babysitters FOC
I had to go to Seremban recently for a 3D2N workshop. It was held from Sunday until Tuesday. Since it was held during weekdays, it was difficult for hubby to go along. There are lot of things going-on in his office and he could not afford to take leave. And I, on the other hand, do not have the heart to leave my little baby who is still breastfeeding. 

So, I proposed a suggestion to hubby... well.... actually, I forced the suggestion on him.. ha ha... The plan was, all of us going, hubby riding his motorcycle while I drive the car. The kids had to ponteng sekolah. Hubby will still go to the office riding his motorcycle and travel back to the hotel after work. Melampau kan suggestion ni.. But this is the only way so that I can still have my baby with me. And it's not unusual for people who stay in Seremban to commute to KL for work. Lagipun sehari setengah je dia kena travel jauh-jauh macam tu so tak de la satu penderaan sangat. :)

The hotel that we went to: Royale Bintang Resort and Spa. Previously known as Hilton then changed to Royal Adelphi and now Royale Bintang.

The room.

The view from the room. Stadium Tuanku Abdul Rahman ke ni? Don't know for sure.
The pool.

During the day, while I attended the workshop, the older kids babysit the baby. And they were marvelous at it. And free-of-charge. I only received one emergency call when the little sister poo-pooed. The rest of the calls were considered minor.

But was it really FOC? Hubby and I had to stock up lots of food in the room to keep them full and we had to let them bring all the gadgets to keep them occupied. :P

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