BBQ @ Raub
We had a family gathering in Raub during the long weekend Wesak holiday recently and celebrated 2-in-1 Mother's and Father's Day celebrations. Not all family members were able to make it (including my husband who was unfortunately stuck with office work and deadlines), but the number of siblings, in-laws, nieces, nephews and grandchildren who were present was quite impressive. 

The preparation of lamb, chicken, prawns and squids for BBQ. Salad and black pepper sauce too.

Yang diraikan, my parents.

The menu prepared by the younger generation.

The younger generation also took the role as waitress. My daughter Syahidah was asking her nenek, nak makan apa.

The food. We also had Chinese fried rice, garlic bread and fruits. Plus a large 4-kg very moist and yummy chocolate cake and equally delicious cupcakes with Happy Mother's Father's Day wordings.

The presentation of the Mother's Day and Father's Day cards followed by cutting of the cake.

The cards. With photos of all of us pasted inside the cards.

It was fun and enjoyable for the family. Even though we should appreciate our parents every day and not just on any designated day, but a once in a while event such as this would remain in our memories forever and strengthen the bonding between us. InshaAllah.
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  1. Great post. I love smoking and grilling, I don't think anything tastes better than ribs that have been sitting in a smoker for several hours! I just bought a 2 in one smoker/grill, but I'm having trouble finding gas grill covers for it. Has anyone successfully found a cover big enough for one of these?