Hudud...explained in simple words
The whatsapp group of my high school friends is the busiest, most entertaining, most havoc, most dramatic and many more among the whatsapp groups I am in. We would be chatting about kids one moment, then about school next, then cosmetic, health tips, recipes pun masuk, shopping and everything under the sun. Not to mention heavy stuff like politics, tax, GST. During the 370 mystery, we were like the aviation investigators or the transport minister ;).
Today was no exception. We were chatting about perfume and shoes sale at Menara Maybank and next we shifted gear to hudud.
One of us asked how to explain about hudud in simple words to her non-muslim friends.
A lawyer friend explained it beautifully and I just had to share:
"Hudud itu hukum dari Allah. Kalau you percaya Allah lagi senang i nak explain.  Anyway, hudud itu special utk org Islam shj. Sebab Allah sayang org Islam, so Allah beri satu had/batasan utk cegah org Islam dari buat dosa. Hudud itu asal dari perkataan "had". Batas. Allah selalu beri batas utk make sure org Islam tak melampaui batas. Contohnya zina itu salah satu jenayah dalam hukum hudud.  Dan indahnya, menuduh org berzina tanpa saksi juga bersalah dlm hukum hudud. Jadi, utk jlnkan hukum hudud ini kena piawai yg sgt tinggi dan adil. Semua ini ada dlm AlQuran. Dlm Quran ada macam macam hukum & cerita Nabi Nabi. Very interesting😊. Don't worry...hudud is specially for me from my God. If u r interested, i'm now inviting u to Islam"
Translated to English:
"Hudud is Allah's law. If you believe in Allah, it would be easier for me to explain. Anyway, hudud is special for Muslim. Because Allah loves the Muslims, so Allah puts a limit/boundary to prevent the Muslims from committing sins. The term hudud comes from the word "had" which means limit. Boundary. Allah puts these boundaries to ensure that the Muslims don't exceed the limits. Example, adultery is a crime in hudud law. And the beauty of it, accusing a person of adultery without any witness is also a crime in hudud law. So, implementing hudud  law requires a very high  standard and justice. All these are in the AlQuran. There are lots of laws and stories of Prophets described in the AlQuran. 😊. Don't worry...hudud is specially for me from my God. If u r interested, i'm now inviting u to Islam"
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