A compilation of chow down
I had lots of dining activities for the past few months. And here's a compilation of them.

Sekinchan Ikan Bakar

I went to this outlet located in Setiawangsa with a group of my students. It was supposed to be a lunch get together but due to unavoidable circumstances, we reached the place at 3 or 3.30 pm. But still, we had the lunch spread.

The place specializes in grilled seafood. You get to choose the fish (a variety of fish to choose from), 

squids (either small or large). And other seafood too like prawns, crabs, etc.

The cooked dishes of what we chose that day.

There were assorted sauces provided.

And of course, ulam-ulaman.

We also had this large drink. One to be shared amongst us girls

and one for the guys. Between 5 of us females, we failed to finished this drink.

And a group photo, before going home. PBL group 5 of semester 1 2010/2011: Madhaavi, Aimi, Amyny, Sarina, Qamarul, Aiman, Aman and Danny. Unfortunately, 3 of the group members, Yuen, Grace and Joanne could not join the late lunch.

All in all, I enjoyed the food. And suprisingly, not that expensive too. Well, the students pun takut2 je nak pilih ikan banyak2 kot...

Restoran Tempoyak

My family and I went to Putrajaya some time ago. Husband's colleague's family has a new house being built over there and we were having a look in preparation of our own dream house in future, InsyaAllah. After taking a tour around the house we had lunch at this place which is situated in Seri Kembangan. 

As the name indicates, most dishes are prepared by using tempoyak. But there are other choices too if you dislike tempoyak (like my husband). We had fried chicken, beef rendang (which is very yummy), gulai telur itik and few others.

BBQ Chicken
On another occasion, we went to Wangsa Walk and had lunch in the BBQ Chicken outlet.

We had these dishes.

I don't remember the name of the dishes above. But I did remember I was too full that day. Mengah nak abiskan the dish.

Ani Sup Utara
We also had a taste of the menu at this place, located in Taman Sri Gombak. Boleh kata setapak je from my house. 

Lots of kinds of soup are on offer. Sup ekor, sup perut, you name it... But if you are allergic to Ajinomoto or similar taste enhancing substance, like my husband, better avoid the soups. My husband will suffer a bad headache when he eats dishes with lots of pak aji tu.

I had kue teow soup.

 My kids had chicken rice.

Sakura Kristal Cafe

On the birthday of my kids, Syahirah and Syafiqah, we went to this restaurant located in Taman Melawati. A restaurant with nice ambience.

I had this drink 

and this dish (the name I have already forgot). In terms of taste, not bad at all.


On yet another kid's birthday, Syahidah, we went to a place called CoffeeBox. The place is located in Taman Sri Gombak.

I had soya with grass jelly drink.

And this bowl of noodle with sausage and turkey loaf. The noodles sebijik macam mee maggi. The taste of the soup pun lebih kurang macam rasa maggi perisa ayam.

One of my kids had char kue teow.

And another had sizzling chicken yee mee. Then masing-masing berebut2 nak abiskan.

That's it for now. More culinary experiences in future, I'm sure. So watch this space... big grin
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