Where to eat in Bangkok
The hotel that we stayed in during our Bangkok trip is located on Ratchadapisek Road. The hotel is within walking distance to Carrefour and Robinson shopping complexes. However, no choices of halal food outlets nearby (or maybe we failed to find any because of our ignorance).

Before the trip, I surfed the internet for halal eating place in Bangkok and most of the restaurants are located on Sukhumvit Road and Petchaburi Road. Sukhumvit Road is a long stretch of road. I overheard a guy (presumably a tour guide) telling his group that the distance of Sukhumvit Road is like from America to Pattaya. Well, exaggerate of course, but some truth to it. And it has lots of streets branching out from the main road, with each street designed a number such as Sukhumvit Soi 4 or Sukhumvit Soi 7.

We tried out a few restaurants on Sukhumvit for our meals.Most of the eating places there are Egyptian, Arabic or the likes. We first tried this Egyptian restaurant. 

We had the briyani which came in a very large portion. Luckily we just ordered 3 plates. Tu pun tak abis. But it was delicious. 
 The kids also ordered fries.

We also tried out one restaurant, Al-Hussain. 
 One of the dishes that we ordered was keema parata. Yummy.
And chicken tandoori.

Another restaurant on Sukhumvit that we went to was Alif Laila.
The kids had fried rice. 
We also ordered garlic nan bread 
 and this chicken kebab. I think so... Lupa dah nama dia.
And we were supposed to eat what with these dips? Ntah... tak sentuh langsung pun benda ni.

On Petchaburi Road, we went to Hayati Restaurant. 
Same thing with Sukhumvit Road, you need to know which Soi you're heading to, or else the taxi driver won't know. But then again, dah bagi tau Soi berapa pun, some taxi drivers don't know and refused to take you. The most common reason, bad traffic jam.

Ok, Hayati Restaurant is located very near to Darul Aman mosque. 

We had quite a hard time finding the place and the taxi driver was kind enough to call the place and asked for directions. We had white rice and dishes such as seafood tom yam

 fried beef with oyster sauce
 fried chicken with cashew nuts
 mango salad.

Another restaurant located on the main road of Petchaburi is Kedai Mak Yah. 
The owner can understand and speak Malay. We had deep fried prawns with garlic and black pepper
kale with salted fish
 chicken soup. 
 And this dish was sent to our table initially. Looks like squids and hubby and I were wondering, bila pulak order sotong ni. Apparently, it was a mistake and was intended for the other table. Mujur tak makan.

We also visited Mah Boon Krong shopping complex, better known as MBK. Well, typical shopping complex la, macam2 ada.

There's a food court in MBK with halal food outlets such as this. 
However, we did not have our meal there instead we went to a halal restaurant located opposite the food court, Yana Restaurant.
I had pasta with Thai sauce.
The kids had chicken burger
 fish and chips
 fried rice egg

Hubby had Thai fried rice with shrimp

On our last day in Bangkok, we visited Hayati Restaurant again and tried new dishes.
Chicken Thai curry
 fried beef
 black pepper beef
 Nangphaya fried prawns. 

Memang terlebih lauk. Actually, we were still considering whether to order fried beef or black pepper beef but the waiter misunderstood us and thought we were confirmed with both dishes. Adoii... se'eh perut nak abiskan lauk. Tak abis, membazir pulak.

At Chatuchak market, there are lots of stalls selling food especially in front of a shopping complex next to the market, the JJ Mall. I noticed one stall selling halal food.
Generally, there are lots of choices of halal food in Bangkok. You just need to know where to look. I recently found this website that may become handy. If only I found this website earlier...

Taxi fares from Emerald Hotel to Sukhumvit or Petchaburi were almost the same. Ranging from 80 to 130 bahts. Depending on the drivers (how fast they drive and which short-cuts they used) and depending on the traffic condition.

I also noticed there are a lot of 7-11s outlets. Sometimes there are 2 on the same street. Some items on sale are halal such as bread, biscuits, cereal and snacks. Knowing my kids, who seems to be hungry all the time, we bought some items and stock up in the hotel room, thus no need to have breakfast in the hotel which definitely tak ada sijil halal. 

As far as prices of the meal are concerned, some quite pricey, some ok la. Lebih kurang mcm kat restoran-restoran besar kat Malaysia jugak. Around RM50-RM80 sekali makan. As I have mentioned in my earlier post, we spent quite a lot on food and taxi fares. Shopping tolak tepi, makan first priority big grin.
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