Chill out at Sungai Congkak
One fine Saturday, we had a picnic at Sungai Congkak with a few family members. My youngest brother, Fairoz (who is single and available), initiated this gathering. There were also my brother Faisal and his family (Amie, the wife and Qistina, the daughter) plus one of my nieces, Ika. We were joined later by my sister-in-law, her children Alin (with her family, Wis the husband and Rayyan, the son) and Muqriz.

We went to Taman Rekreasi Lembah Congkak. There is a very narrow bridge connecting the main road to this place. For our Naza Ria, ngam-ngam je lepas.  
Credit to Amilia Ali for this photo. 

The place offers chalets for rent. RM30 for the whole day. 

The chalet is not much, tapi boleh la, somewhere to put your things, a place to change clothes and to solat. And believe it or not, uncomfy as it looks like, I managed to have my afternoon nap. 

The place is beautiful. And not too crowded thus we still have some privacy.

The kids enjoyed it very much. Tak penat-penat and tak sejuk-sejuk. Their energy is amazing but of course, on the way back, everyone was flat. 

Each family brought something to eat. We had chicken and lamb BBQ, noodles, nuggets and sausages. Tak abis pun makan even though I think I had a few rounds of eating.  

Over there, for those who fancy extreme sports, may want to try Darwish Xtreme Motorsports offering ATVs and scramblers.

For the ATV, it's RM60 for 1 hour. My husband gave it a try and the others took turn in riding. Err... not me though...

I may have over exerted myself because the next day my body ache all over. Tu la, tak ingat badan tu dah berat.
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