Another grandchild on the way
This is a sequel to an earlier post. The nephew who got engaged few months ago, finally got married last weekend. I managed to attend the event since I won't be able to make it to the groom's reception which is on 11th June. I'll be in my confinement then.

So, we headed to Seremban 2 early that day. The nephew and most family members were already there from the day before. They stayed the night at S2 Hotel and we met the rest of the family there.

Arriving at the bride's place.

The marriage vow. Sekali lafaz je.

Approximately at 11.03 am. 

The tok imam/tok kadi was funny. I supposed tok imam/tok kadi must have this funny streak in them. At least can reduce the anxiety of the groom as well as the bride during the akad nikah ceremony.

When my nephew gave the dowry to his wife, tok imam said to the wife, 'Tak do apo nak cakap? Cakap la terimo kasih. Ekau ni buat malu orang Mambau je la...'

When the ceremony was over, i.e. the vow, bacaan taklik and the dowry,

the tok imam said 'Haa... lepas ni ekau nak buek apo pun, buek la'

Well, they did this.

And this.

And this.

Annnd this.

After that we had lunch, yeah quite early for lunch, but makan jugak la. Then we went to a surau nearby, rested for a while and waited for the next episode of the event: bersanding.

After a change of clothes, the groom arrived.

With the accompanying tune from the kompang boys. Err...yang sorang tu bukan kompang boy.:)

The bride met the groom halfway.

And the procession continued to the bridal dais. 

But before entering the house, they scattered candies and coins around for the kids to collect. Berebut masing-masing.

And the groom was incurred a toll before being allowed to enter the house.


Tepung tawar. I chipped in.

Hubby pun.

Group photo.
Credit to my brother Ahmad Faisal for this photo.

Then, makan beradab.

And I had another go, makan lagi. But the difference was, we had a couple of lauk pengantin dishes, fish and prawns. Yang tak acinya, hubby dapat ayam golek tu...Isyhh...

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  1. tajuk entry kamu klakar hahahah

  2. Syasyah: kelakar tapi insyaAllah jadi kenyataan.:)