Another grandchild in the making
I am already a grandma when my niece gave birth to a son a couple of years ago. And recently, one of my nephews, Megat Firdaus, got engaged. Hmm... looks like this road of grandmotherhood has no stopping.tongue

It was a 2-in-1 event that day, merisik (asking? spying?confused) and engagement. All gifts or hantaran were beautifully aranged and decorated. Nine trays altogether.

Nice arrangement of tepak sirih. 

We set out to Mambau, Negeri Sembilan shortly after noon. This is the nephew. Aikkk... bawak tepak sirih sendiri?winking

Upon arrival.

 The discussion and negotiation process.

Well, frankly, not much of negotiation occured. Most of the terms of the engagement period have been pre-discussed and agreed ahead by the 2 lovebirds. But still, the interaction between the representatives of the 2 families was interesting to listen to. Especially when there were pantun involved. Such as this one... well, if my memory (and auditory) still intact, that is...big grin

Gendang bukan sebarang gendang
Gendang dibuat daripada kerisik
Bertandang bukan sebarang bertandang
Bertandang berhajat untuk merisik.

Hmm... something not right with the pantun I think. Gendang dibuat daripada kerisik? Well, that's what I heard anyway.

This is the girl or the 'bunga yang nak disunting'.batting eyelashes

Then the highlight of the event, putting on the rings (one for merisik and one for engagement) by my sister-in-law. Aisey....d'oh I can only see the fingers but no rings. Salah angle la pulak snap gambar.

We then had lunch, courtesy of the host. Orang Nogoghi la katakan, so tak sah kalau tak de masak lemak cili api which was yummy...thumbs up

More photo shoots ensued following lunch.

The bride-to-be and her MIL-to-be. Now, you can at least glimpse the rings.

The bride-to-be and her cousins-to-be.

A photo of the couple.

And this story will have its sequel in 4 months time, InsyaAllah. 
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