UPSR butterflies in the stomach
Wow!! It has been over 2 months since I last updated this page. Teruk betul... If ever this blog applies KPI (key performance index) score, I'll surely fail. Silap-silap yearly assessment less than 85% thus no annual increment. Nak naik pangkat pun susah. If la kan...:P

Lots of things to write, lots of things to tell but so limited time, or rather malas and tak kuasa sebenarnya. Now, since I have a few minutes to spare, I'd better write a few lines.

Tomorrow, the UPSR results will be announced and my eldest is one of the candidates who is waiting anxiously for the results. And of course, I'm one of the mothers yang tak senang duduk jugak.

This situation reminds me of the time when I was waiting for my SRP and SPM results years ago. I remembered how determined I was to be the first person in the family to know my results. Sendiri punya results kan, so I'm entitled to know first. And I remembered how pissed I was when I found out that either my father or my sister called the school to find out about my results BEFORE ME. Gila bengang masa tu. Siap merajuk-rajuk, berkurung dalam bilik. Serious, ntah hape-hape. Buruk perangai betul.

And now, having my own kid, I think I finally understand my father's action. The anxiety for your own child, the worry over your own child, the fierce feeling trying to protect your own child from bad news and the eagerness to share the good news with your own child... all mixed into one. Those are the butterflies that I have in my stomach right now.

Mudah-mudahan it's good news tomorrow. Even if it's not, I'm still proud to have a daughter like my Syakila Nor Alia... (tiba-tiba rasa nak nangis...isk..isk...isk...)
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