The end of the 3-series
I celebrated my birthday almost 3 months ago. And only now I'm writing about it??? Duuhh... Malas + perasan busy. Nothing to do with aging, I hope. ;)

Anyhow, my birthday was on a Sunday. And normally we just have a simple celebration, going out for lunch or dinner. Kek pun tak beli selalunya. Dah tak kuasa pulak nak berkek-kek. But we make exceptions for the kids' birthday though. They usually look forward to blowing out candles.

So, we planned to go out for lunch that day. And I was enjoying my 'no cooking' moments. Then I received a call from my brother, Kamal, saying that he and our parents will be coming over to my house that afternoon. Waahh.. surprise visit from my parents... Rupa-rupanya both my parents just finished their puasa 6 and nak beraya kat rumah anak-anak diorang. He he... cool... They had lunch at my other brother's place, Faisal, and had tea at mine. I prepared a simple dish of curry and roti jala.

And since it was my birthday, I asked hubby to buy a cake. Dah ramai-ramai tu, ok la jugak beli kek. So this is the cake that hubby bought.

Our plan to go out for lunch was postponed to dinner. We had dinner at this place, Restoran Labib, near Taman Melati. Why this place? No particular reason. Saja nak cuba sebab belum pernah cuba.

We picked these from the menu.
On paper it looked like this.

In reality, ok la, ada resemblance.

We also had this, the kids' favorite, butter prawn.

And yg jadi mangsa tukang kopek kulit udang, no other than hubby.

The kids utilizing the family zone in the restaurant. Tengah wan tu som...

Kebab stall outside the restaurant.

On top of receiving prezzies from hubby and the older kids, my youngest surprised me with a gift as well. She managed to roll over on the eve of my birthday. She was 3 1/2 months then.

The birthday gift from Angah. Two red pens. Dia memang tau mak dia banyak pakai pen merah nak tanda kertas jawapan students...:)

And 2 months after my birthday, I received the most wonderful gift from my eldest, Syakila. Alhamdulillah, she obtained 5As in her UPSR and mumtaz for her PSRA.

I enjoyed the last of my 3-series birthday very much. 

Well, they said 40 is the new 20. And if that is so, happy 19th birthday to me. :P
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2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    aww, u nampak macam kakak pulak, x nampak macam mummy, age is a number btw, awet muda ;)

  2. Ha ha... Alhamdulillah. Segala puji untukNya.:)