The treasure called friends
We made friends wherever we go. But no doubt, we may make enemies as well. Of course, we try to avoid making enemies and treasure the friends that we meet. This is a tale of friends I met along my life, doing the activity we love best: EAT!!

Intan Zubaidah is a friend from high school. She was one of those who came in during Form 4, or commonly referred to as budak Form 4 baru.:) The newcomers were grouped in a different class and thus we did not mix together much. And frankly, the feelings of hostile and berlagakness sebab kira macam senior kat sekolah tu did exist.:P Anyhow, during Form 5, the classes were revamped and Intan happened to be in the same class as me. Analogically, we 'struck gold' together. We had the most wonderful treasure of memories: from sharing jokes, to sharing stories about boys, to sharing knowledge and to sharing the ridiculous gila-gila moments or what we used to say as 'tolol'. Not to mention the race to the dining hall for supper after night prep.

Recently, Intan who is currently residing in Kulim, came to Bangi. And we made a date to meet. We went for lunch at Red Wok Restaurant. Highly recommended by other friends who have previously dine there.

Intan brought her daughter along, who has a very unique and long name. Intan Andrea Khadijah.

I had this dish: rice with beef cooked with basil leaves. Not bad... Caution! Ada petai.
I also ordered this, fried chicken wings with thai sauce. Sedap...
Intan shared this dish with her daughter, nasi goreng kampung. The portion is enough for 2-3 people.
Intan also ordered this vege dish, spinach with soup. Simple dish but so yummy. I'm impressed to see Andrea eating the spinach. I was thinking of my kids yang tak makan vege.

And finally, we had this dessert of jackfruit and water chestnut. Memang sedap...

I parted with Intan with the promise too meet again whenever she came to KL/Selangor in future. Her 'gila-gila' antic from the school days surfaced when she said this as she was about to close the car's door  'Kejap..kejap... nak tengok muka you puas-puas...' Ha ha...

After school, I went for matriculation. The first year of matriculation was in Muzaffar Syah School in Melaka. I met Norharlina there (ok.... I met my husband there too...:)). We have quite a number of Linas in that matric year. Myself, Norharlina, Norhaslina and Nurhajarlina. Luckily, Norharlina has a different nickname (Mona) and so does Nurhajarlina (Hajar). I developed a new nickname thus differentiating myself from Norhaslina was made easier. Well, Norhaslina was fondly known as Lina Hassan anyway since later on, memang ramai betul Lina-Lina ni...:)

Again, I struck gold with Mona. Even though Mona was ex-TKCian and considered musuh rasmi STF, we never had any dispute about our alma mater during our friendship. Few months ago, before she went for her hajj, we met for lunch. She was the one sitting in front yang tersengih ala kanak-kanak riang itu. Memang sesuai dengan her role as child psychiatrist. The one sitting besides her is Nora. Mona's ex-schoolmate and we were together during 2nd year of matriculation in Kuala Pilah. The one sitting besides me is Rahanawati, my colleague (but different department). She met Mona in Australia during her study leave.

We had our lunch at De Warung, somewhere near HUKM.
I had this fish and rice dish. Lemon fish ke apa ntah. Lupa dah.
We shared this otak-otak dish. Anyhow, we had an unpleasant experience with the otak-otak. But the company override the unpleasantness.

We also ordered these dishes. Seriously, lupa dah makan apa hari tu.

During the 2nd year of matriculation in Kuala Pilah, I make more friends. And I survived my degree with some of these friends, namely Zakiah (lovingly known as Jackie) and Siti Fatimah (lovingly known as Timeh).  And to make it even sweeter, these friends are now my colleagues, but different departments though. We have a long years of memories together: in the same matriculation, in the same course, renting the same house (masa zaman bujang) and now working in the same faculty.

We had lunch recently, at Secret Recipe.

 I had Tom Yam Kung.

Jackie & Timeh had this fried rice. Bukan kongsi, tapi sepinggan sorang. I have to stress this so that I won't be seen as kuat makan....keh keh keh....

Can't remember what drink was this.

And chocolate banana cake.

And here I am now, Alhamdulillah, working, after years of studying. I'm blessed to have colleagues with whom I can share stories about work, staffs, office politics etc etc etc. Anisah works in a different department but we happened to be involved in coordinating one of the modules in the faculty. Anisah, being a veterinarian, also heads the Animal Unit in the faculty and are in the same animal ethics committee with Timeh. 

Believe it or not, after years of being colleagues, this was our first lunch date. Well, lunch sama-sama masa meeting tu tak kira la kan. We had lunch at Madam Kwan of KLCC.
I had this curry laksa.

And soya cincau. The unique feature is, they prepare the drink without sugar and they provide us with sugar in the form of liquid, so we can add on to the drink secukup rasa.

Anisah had char kuey teow.

Timeh had prawn noodle or something.

For dessert, we had banana fritters with ice-cream. Totally sedapp.... And cendol.

I feel very rich having these people as my friends. Priceless treasure indeed. Now, how I wish to meet up with friends from primary school pulak...:)
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5 Responses
  1. atuque Says:

    Wah!! Reunion & Makan2 memang best ooooo!!!

    Bila nak buat besar-besaran punya lagi ek? Tanya la org sebelah...

  2. intan zubaidah Says:

    WAAAHHHH!!! cam reporter ko leena! and u remembered everything! impressive, two thumbs up hehe.. aku terharu... ;PPPPP

  3. Atuque: apa kata ko je yang organize. Ha ha...

    Intan: tak de nya mcm reporter. Dah banyak benda lupa. But great to rekindle the friendship after lost contact for so many years.:)

  4. vetnone Says:

    hehehehe....soal mkn2 n gosip ni kiter mmg superb la Leeca. Hope there will be many more of this activity...

  5. Mulut mengunyah sama laju je dgn mulut bergossip ek? Ha ha...