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We made a trip to iCity recently. We heard about the lights, the snow walk and thought it's about time we experienced it ourselves.

We arrived there a little after 6pm. The queue to enter the parking lot was quite long. Parking fee from 6pm to 6am is RM10. But from 6am to 6pm the fee is RM1. I read in somebody's blog that you should be there earlier, before 6pm and immediately pay the parking fee to get the RM1 rate. Then up to you nak leave pukul berapa pun. Not sure whether this tactic works or not. Anyways iCity management did advise people to pay parking fee ahead so that you don't have to queue very long to pay when everyone is leaving at about the same time.

There was still daylight when we arrived so the place was not enchantingly lighted yet.

You will see a few animal replicas as you walk out from the parking bay.

Dinosaur: Despite its lifelessness, I pity this dinosaur. Look at its mouth. Sape la yang tak de civic pegi sumbat mulut dia dengan sampah tu...



There was this reptile exhibition place.  We skipped it.

We had dinner here.

I had this noodle dish. Blurnya gambar ni...

To perform Maghrib, praying rooms are available on the 2nd (female) and 3rd (male) floor above the al-Rawsha restaurant. However, when we were there, the 2nd floor is closed thus the female share the male's praying place. Not too crowded because the space is big but kind of inconvenient because we have to share the ablution place. Leceh sikit.

The place is beautifully lighted at night. (The boy in the pic is not related to us. He was just being in the right place and I clicked at the wrong time.:) )

We met this Man of Lights and took pic with him.

The rides. Lots of people, long queue, jenuh tunggu. And as usual, there are certain height and rules that we have to comply before going on the rides.
Ferris wheel

Pirate ship
The wheel
Inside the wheel

View from top
Circus travel

Ambik gambar guna camera tak berapa canggih, macam ni je la output dia...:P

Train ride

Almost all rides charged at RM 5 per ride per person.

But for sky walk RM10 per person.

Snow walk RM25 for adult and RM20 for kid (with mykad).

We didn't know that babies or kids under the age of 3 are not allowed to enter. Reason: babies may not tolerate the extreme cold. So having Syamila with us, we forgo the idea of going into the snow walk. But the elder kids were disappointed since they have heard exciting stories about snow walk from their cousins. So, we decided that hubby stay outside with baby Syamila and I accompany the kids inside.

I mentioned to Syafiqah, nanti kat dalam, boleh main snow, baling snow kat Angah. So when inside, hmmm... what do you expect. It's not real snow anyway. More like shredded ice. Tapi Syafiqah kutip gak la nak baling kat Angah dia. Ha ha....

The kids had fun...for a while... I underestimated the coldness and most of us did not wear appropriate footwear and the cold really bites into your toes. And Syafiqah, my number 4, had started to feel uncomfortable and asked me to carry her. Carrying her in the cold on the slippery surface was not an easy task. Thus we exited after about 20-30 minutes? Lebih kurang la kot. Well, lesson learnt. Next time we will come prepared. My elder kids had long faces upon going out. They still haven't had enough of the snow walk.

In the city of lights, the business of these bling bling, lighted hair accessories and whatchamacallit flourished. And of course, kids are tempted to own one of these. And parents just haven't got the heart to say no. So we bought these. My number 1 and 2 are old enough to be embarrassed to wear these hair bands. 

To top the night, the kids had ice-cream. Imagine, having ice-cream at almost midnight. But with all the lights, it actually pushes the night cold away. So, we were not chilled at all.

On our way back, the kids have started asking for the next trip to iCity. The topmost agenda: Snow walk. InsyaAllah dearest kids, InsyaAllah.
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