The anniversary surprise
Hubby and I celebrated our 14th year of marriage today. We rarely exchange gifts during anniversaries. Partly maybe because we just celebrated our birthdays, his in August and mine in September. But we still remember the date and wish each other. 

So this year, I did not plan or buy anything for him. But I was surprised with a very nice practical gift the night before. A blue Samsung. 

Well, not actually a surprise because I have been talking about getting a new phone before that. UKM has this mobile phone policy which enables its staff to buy a new phone every 2 years and it will be such a waste if I don't use it. I was discussing with hubby on the options of smartphones available yesterday and Samsung has a very nice range of smartphones. And I said, we should go to the shop together and to decide later whether I should buy it or not. But I did not expect him to buy the phone there and then. So it was a very nice surprise.

In return, I thought of doing something nice for him. Something to surprise him. So, in the very narrow time frame, I managed to surf the web for online gift delivery service. And I came upon this website. Ordering and delivering is as easy as a click of the mouse.:)

I went out for lunch with hubby and had the data from my Blackberry transferred to the Samsung. While we were waiting for the transfer process, hubby received a call from an unrecognized number. He did not answer. Alasan, nombor tak kenal, malas nak layan. I half-guessed that the call must be from the delivery people. So when the call came again, I answered. It was the delivery guy. So I forced my hubby to speak to the guy. My hubby membebel, 'ntah ada parcel apa ntah. Tinggal je la kat receptionist tu...'  And all those while, I acted like I don't have a clue what it is all about. He he...

So surprise menjadi... This was the gift basket. 

It came with a nice anniversary card. 

At the end of the day, I got a new toy, hubby got his surprise, the kids dapat banyak coklat. Siapa yang lebih untung ni??? :-D

At the moment, I'm still occupied with my surprise gift. Still getting used to the functions and swiping and whatnots of the phone. I do miss some features from the BB though. But to be technologically advance, kena la jugak move on. Ha ha... A friend asked yesterday, pakai phone apa pulak sekarang? I said, tukar yang samseng sikit. He he... samseng la sangat... Daripada bebiri ke samseng...:P

Hmm.... maybe I'll write something about BB vs Samsung. Tengok la, if sempat and rajin.
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