The big 4-Oh (round 2)
The 'Cik Kiahs' - Hemy, Mas and I met again for lunch the other day. We had lunch at Ole-ole Bali, Empire, Subang. 

I wrote about our first visit to Ole-ole Bali here. We still have not had enough of the cuisines there, hence the second visit. Furthermore, Mas could not make it then.

I ordered this Cumi Metumis dish.

Cumi is actually squids. But I was reminded of a children's TV show from light years ago, Cumi dan Ciki... ha ha... Yes, that's how 'ancient' I am....:P

Hemy ordered this Siap Bumbu dish. Main component is the roast chicken.

Some of the other dishes on the menu.

We recommended Nasi campur dish for Mas, the dish that Hemy and I shared during our previous visit.

I had mango yogurt.

Mas had this mocktail lemongrass mint drink. 

Tengok berapa punya bapak serai dia letak...

And we topped it all with this incredibly, yummy, delicious dessert dish, Pisang Bakar. Came with ice-cream, pieces of kacang bipang and slices of coconut flesh. (Ye kot kelapa bende alah tu...) But it was heaven. Cukup-cukup ada 3 biji pisang for the 3 of us. Tu pun ada yang berebut...;)

Rasa-rasa mcam dah cukup kenyang la kan... But no.... we retreated to Serai after that. 

And we shared this pistachio creme brulee.. Sedap... 

Sampai ada sorang 'Kiah' tu bukan main scrape lagi the bowl... 

And oh... for your information, tu mangkuk bukan sebarang mangkuk. Bukan jugak mangkuk hayun. Ramekin nama dia... Well, even though you are already 40, you are still allowed to learn new knowledge, hatta ilmu berkenaan pinggan mangkuk sekalipun...:))
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