My SDII story
One of the good (or bad) things when you are in the FB network, you may got tagged or you may see people who were tagged in numerous advertisements and online business and whatnots. One of them is this protein drink SDII. Looking at the marvelous testimonials plus the convincing before and after pictures made me wonder, does this product really works? 

Eventually, to cut the story short, I bought 1 tin. Friends asked me, kau nak slim apa lagi, kan dah slim... Erkks... slim ke?? Well, I still have hidden (not so hidden) fat (yang tegar) that I need to shed. So my journey with SDII begins. RM150 terbang. Tu pun mujur ada kawan yang boleh dapatkan member's price.

First dose of SDII: Two scoops plus 250ml of plain water. Shake...minum sikit... yuckks.... Rasa mcm nak termuntah. I was reminded of the glucose drink when I had to do the glucose tolerance test during my previous pregnancy. But I managed to finished the drink and retain it in the stomach. And subsequent drinks, I thought it would be easier but no... I still cringe and made faces every time I chugged the drink down my throat. Well, holding your breath while drinking helps a little.

After 1 tin, what's the results? Ha ha... Macam tak de perubahan pun. I lost more weight when I did my puasa 6 marathon during Syawal recently. Well, maybe for some people it works but if you are like me, better forget it. Because:

1. I was supposed to drink 3-4 times a day. But I have a very bad compliance issues. Sometimes I only drank once, often only twice a day, rarely 3 times, never 4 times. One tin was supposed to lasts for only 1 week. It took me longer than that.
2. I was supposed to restrict to protein diet and stay away from carbohydrates and sugared drinks. There was many a time I broke this rule. Especially at home. Siapa yang nak abiskan nasi or lauk pauk anak bila anak tak abis makan? Plus I often had lunch/tea/ice-cream with friends. Takkan nak tengok je kawan-kawan tu makan. Harus kena temankan.
3. Finally, of course la, exercise very the malas.

So, conclusion (for me, not for anyone else), cukup la 1 tin. Better do it naturally. But first, lunch date with the Kiahs (Hemy and Mas) in approximately 1 hr time.:P

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2 Responses
  1. hahahaha..nak diet? Biar betul! Kalau aku yang pikir macam tu..HARUSSSS..
    Anyway, tahniah atas keberanian kau unuk meminum benda alah tu..salute!!

  2. Dah beli mahal2, telan jugak la. Sambil tu memang pikir, apehal ngengada nak cuba benda ni...