Smokin' hot at Bellamy
In one of the conversation threads in my friends' whatsapp group, we chatted about the best place to have grilled fish. And Medan Ikan Bakar Jalan Bellamy was mentioned. Of course, the Cik Kiahs would not let go the opportunity to experienced the place ourselves. Thus one fine day, we made the trip.

Based on our chats and the blogs that I read, it is advisable to go early since it will be very crowded during lunch hour, parking space is limited and kedai paling best is kedai yang paling hujung. Oh yes, if not mistaken, opens from 11am to 3 pm.

We car-pooled that day. I was not sure of the way plus finding a parking space sounds like a nightmare to me. Thus Mas picked-up Iderk on the way, picked-up Hemy at Ampang Park and picked-up me at my office. Memang awal sungguh la kitorang sampai. But we have the luxury of choosing our tables la kan... 

Sampai sana, we chose the fish, prawns and squids. The dipping sauce. 

Cik Kiah kat atas tu betul2 mcm tourist dgn kamera tergantung kat leher...:D

Then ambik nasi and suka hati nak ambik lauk sampingan yang lain. All self-service. Varieties of vege dishes available.

This was what I had. Macam mana la SDII nak berkesan, kalau mcm ni gaya makannya... ha ha...

Besides that, they also offer other dishes such as rojak buah, cendol pulut. These were the dishes that we chose.

Dah ambik semua, nanti akan ada orang kira. Costs us about RM80. 

Dah sudah makan, jangan gatal-gatal nak sembang Cik Kiah kat situ. Terus balik sebab ramai yang menunggu meja kosong. Memang full house.

And of course, before balik, this Cik Kiah tak abis-abis dgn camera baru dia...

We still haven't had enough of Bellamy yet so most likely we will be making a second trip soon.
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