Birthday Upin Ipin style
My 3rd daughter, Syahidah, celebrated her 9th birthday last Saturday. We had a small cake and a simple candle-blowing ceremony at home. 

Then we dined out. Syahidah already mentioned that she wanted to go to the Upin & Ipin's place. So, Upin & Ipin it is.. Located in the Taman Melati area.

The dishes in the menu are named according to the characters in the Upin Ipin series. Such as Set nasi ayam Upin & Ipin, set nasi putih Opah, set nasi lemak Kak Ros, set mee Mail, set Atuk, set Fizi... Set Jarjit dgn Mei Mei tak de.:) Besides nasi ayam, nasi putih and mee, got soto, bubur nasi, chicken & fries, and nuggets too.

Taste not bad. Tak ambik pulak gambar food but I had the Kue Teow Tomyam. Inside the shop, there's a TV playing the Upin Ipin show. Upin Ipin momentos and souvenirs are also available for sale. 

The place was packed. Luckily, when we arrived, there was an empty table. Some of the customers, kena beratur tunggu meja and some just left and go somewhere else.

The birthday girl got this magic set as a gift. 

Adik dia pun tumpang sekaki trying the magic hat.
Praying that Allah will protect my daughters and grant them success dunia akhirat. Amiinn...
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