20-minute pizza
This 20-minute pizza mission started when I saw it in my FB newsfeed a few days ago. A friend from high school, Intan Zubaidah, posted about it and I made a mental note to try it during the weekend. So, it  is weekend. And I kept my word.
Pizza without having to knead the dough and without having to use the oven. You just need a pan with a lid and a stove. How cool is that...
These are the ingredients. And the instructions on heating the pan. Hubby had to stop by the grocery store just to buy the self-raising flour. He he...
Put the dough ingredients in the pan (flour, water, salt, dry yeast and honey). Mix and spread the dough in the pan.
Spread chili sauce and add on the fillings. Top up with cheese. I also sprinkled oregano and black pepper powder.
Put the pan on the stove with the lid on.

The instructions said medium heat for 5 minutes. Then adjust the lid to let the steam out. Turn the heat to medium low and cook for another 10 minutes.
A bit tricky with the heat actually. My first try was not quite successful. The bottom was quite burned but the top part was still edible. So I  just had to try again. Second try was not bad. The kids makan sampai abis. Pardon the messy presentation.
Tried and tested. The recipe works...:)
The video of this stovetop pizza can be viewed at Intan's blog page. I wonder whether we can just pop the pizza into the oven using the same no-kneading recipe...
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