The Grand Family Day @ Raub
I have a rather big family. Nine siblings, of which two have passed away. And most of us are married and have children of our own. And few of these children are also married and have children too. Apart from Hari Raya celebration, we rarely gather together. So when we planned for our Family Day, we planned it BIG. So, this is the story...:)

The date was confirmed: 24-26 December 2015. The programme outline was discussed and approved. Once the layout was established, the preparations for the Family Day started. We even had several committee to tackle different tasks. And more whatsapp groups were created just for this purpose...:D

When I said we planned it BIG, I really mean BIG. We had Tshirts designed specially for the Family Day, we had specially designed plaques as souvenirs, we had food hampers for prizes and we had goodie bags to be given away to each family member.


24th December 2015
We started the grand weekend with Maghrib and Isyak prayers, selawat nabi, Yassin recital and a short tazkirah from a specially invited ustaz. 

The goodie bags were distributed that night which consisted of a copy of Yassin, shawl (for female), kopiah (for male) and a decorative cup.

And of course dinner, afterwards.

25th December 2015
BBQ and talent show nite. We had chicken, lamb, sausages, potatoes, salad, fried rice and aglio olio spaghetti. 

And the highlight of the night, the performance by the family members. 

Here's the recordings of some of the performances from that night.

Nasyid: the first and second from right are my daughters. :)

The Band Boys performed several songs. They are my nephews and they are good.

The Aci-aci Buka Pintu musical theatre. A hilariously funny act. Directing, costume designing and props were done under the supervision of my niece. 

The Fashion Show.

We had Ultraman fighting off the monster

We had Sadness, the character from Inside Out

We had Qu Puteh, Dato Seri Vida.

We had Tuan Anas Mikael.

We had Labu & Labi who were voted as the favorite.

We had fun and laughter that night. I think my parents also enjoyed the show. Anak-anak, menantu-menantu, cucu-cucu, cucu-cucu menantu and cicit-cicit production house...:)

26th December 2016
We all woke up early and got ready for the badminton tournament between Team A and Team B. 

Team A

Team B

Mencabar dan kelakar sungguh main badminton ni. Ada yang tak tahu rules game, ada yang jadi referee terover excited bila team dia dapat point, ada yang jadi linesman kena berpayung sebab tak tahan panas, ada yang kena body smash. Yang pukul tak kena shuttle or shuttle tak lepas net pun banyak. And imagine main kat area yang kuat berangin... On one court, pukul perlahan je dah lepas net. On the other court, pukul kuat giler pun, shuttle jatuh balik kat court sendiri... Ha ha....

Anyhow, as reflected in the picture above, team A bukan sahaja menang gaya, but also won the tournament...:)

We were supposed to have a telematch later in the afternoon that day. But unfortunately, we had a temporary water supply interruption. Thinking of the hassle of no water and having to bathe after the telematch, we decided to scrap off the telematch, and this happened instead:

So we had fun getting wet and cold at Pulau Chekas, Ulu Dong, Raub.

And eating leftover marinated chicken from the BBQ nite.

Thus, concluded our Grand Family Day activities. Hoping this event strengthens the bond between us, even though we may not see each other that often. As the quote goes, “Family is like branches in a tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one”
Looking forward to the next Family Day, inshaAllah.
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