Flashback to Bali
I have only been in Bali once. Few years ago. And I wrote something about the trip in my other blog space which has been long-abandoned.

Another episode related to Bali was a few months ago. Hubby and I happened to be in Bangsar South City. The only reason we were there was because the headquarters for Takaful Ikhlas is there and we have some matters to settle over there. Killing 2 birds with one stone, we finished our business in Takaful and we had lunch there.

One of the outlets is a restaurant called Bali Feel. Small but nice restaurant. And we had these:

Kenangan Balifeel dish. Did I imagine I'm in Bali while eating this dish? Nope. But it was a nice dish. Well, with the price of RM12, kalau tak nice, tak tau la...winking

Nasi Goreng Kitamani. Well, it is stated as Kitamani in the menu but I think it should be Kintamani, the name of one of the villages in Bali.

Es Teller, a mixed fruit dessert, but this served as the drink as well. Tak kuasa nak order air lain. Kenyang air pulak nanti. 

Es Cendol. Hubby ordered this but I ended up finishing it. I liked it better than the Es Teller big grin.

Couldn't write more about the dishes. This was a few months back and I suppose I need to go back to Balifeel again to refresh the feeling happy.
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