Sketsa Anak Darjah Satu
My 3rd daughter, Syahidah, enrolled in Standard 1 this year. She has no problems in terms of separation anxiety or first-day-of-school-induced anxiety After all, she has been going to pre-school since she was 4. But one thing which was obvious, it was tiring for her whew!. Previously, she only went to morning school from 8 am which ended at 11.30 am but now, she went to school as early as 7 am and only back at home at 1 pm. Then at 2.30 pm, off to the Islamic school, back at home again at 6 pm. Poor kid. But I guess  I have to rely on kids' super ability to adapt to things and to adjust their mind and body to the daily schedule.

One day, back from the Islamic school, she related this story:

Syahidah: Mak, tadi cikgu tanya siapa nak jadi penolong ketua kelas.
              Mom, the teacher asked us who would like to be the class leader's assistant.

Me: Syahidah angkat tangan ke?
      Did you put up your hand?

Syahidah: Ha'ah, Syahidah pun angkat tangan, jadi la penolong ketua 
              Yes, I did, and I became the class leader's assistant.

Me: Syahidah sorang je ke angkat tangan?
      Were you the only one who volunteered?

Syahidah: Tak la. Ada lagi yang lain angkat tangan. Tapi tak ramai
               yang sokong diorang.
               No. There were others. But they didn't get enough supporters.

Me: Ooo... ramai yang sokong Syahidah ek?
      Ooo... lots of people supported you then?

Syahidah: Haah, semua kawan Syahidah sokong.
              Yes, all my friends supported me.

Moral: Cronyism is important, even for a 7-year-old kid....winking
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