The girls with the same birthdate
On 6th January:

Syahirah Nor Ain was born 9 years ago with the birth weight of 2.56 kg. But now, she has grown up, in fact taller for her age. Just short a couple of inches from her 12-year-old sister. Looking at her, I can't believe that she was the tiny baby which I once hold in my arms. It is quite an amazement to see her growing surprise. Soon, she will be even taller than me happy

She has the love for food and when it came to her favorite dishes, she would definitely ask for second helping (and sometimes for third). And I often teased her by rubbing her full stomach each time she finished a meal. This year, she started the countdown to her birthday way back since December. And she already made up her mind what present she wanted for her birthday. I just love to tease her by saying that this year, her birthday is postponed to next year or this year, there's no 6th of January big grin.

On 6th January as well:

Syafiqah Nor Aisyah was born 6 years after Syahirah. During her first year  of life, I had a maid who take care of her while I'm working. Then when we terminated the maid, we send Syafiqah to a nursery. She changed a lot following that. Initially, she's too clingy, fearful of unfamiliar faces (including my parents and other relatives whom we don't meet frequently) and reluctant to mix and play together with kids her age (such as her cousins). But after being sent to the nursery, her social skills improved and I'm very glad of the positive changesthumbs up.

Well, of course, there are a few setbacks of sending a kid to a nursery such as prone to infectious illnesses and the vocabularies that she picked up from the others in the nursery. Once I heard her singing (in her 'pelatness', of course) this modified birthday song:

Happy birthday to you,
Cikgu panggil kamu,
Kamu buat tak tau,
Cikgu lempang kamu.

Yikes!!!d'oh Kids absorbed like a sponge eh?

Anyhow, wishing my dear girls a very happy birthdaybig hug. They may share the same birthdate and have a special bonding between them but each has her own uniqueness and characteristics. May they grow up to be good muslimahs. Amiinn...
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