Facebook friends or foes?
In the beginning of my venture into Facebook, I accepted all friend requests, regardless of gender. Then, since I share lot of things on FB such as photos, statuses and my whereabouts, I became more selective on who I accepted. And friends list spring-cleaning was performed some time ago.

The first thing that I consider upon receiving friend requests is 'Do I know this person?'. This sometimes include viewing their photos if available. If I know the person, will accept right away. If not, will move on to the 2nd stage of filtering.

I scrutinize mutual friends that we have. Who do we have in common in our friends' list? Students? Ex-school/university mates? This will require some checking out of their info page. I will definitely accept if it's from students or ex-school/university mates. If they don't belong to this category, I have to put on another filter.

I click on their walls and check out their activities. Kalau semua aktiviti perniagaan which most probably I'm not interested in anyway, sorry to say, I will have to turn down the requestshame on you. If the activities look benign enough, I will consider accepting.

Recently, I received a couple of messages via FB, from abroad I assumed.

Message 1: You are so beautiful that I really believe when our creator thought of beauty, He saw only you.I would be coming to your country soon if you don't mind can we meet up and get to know you more...Nate 

Huiyo.... boleh cair bila baca ni.. Well... at least for people who are naive enough labig grin.
Message 2: Hello Dear…..i know this email will meet you by surprise, my name is Richard Mark I’m a Canadian but presently working in United Kingdom as a contractor. from Richard 

Who knows, maybe the intention is genuine but since he did not pass the above filters, I chose to Ignore.
And thank God for this filter coz I have previously received a request from someone who called himself Ranjang Perkasa. Isyhh...baca nama je pun takutworried.

Thus, choose your FB friends wisely or they may turn out to be foes instead.
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