The Alexis experience
RCK strikes again last month. This time, the rendezvous was at Alexis, GE Mall. It has been quite a while since our last meet and it was timely indeed to have another lunch date. Besides, Linda Omar, who resides in UK, was back in town for a while.

Us... Sitting from left: Zaira, Mas, Hemy (yg bukak kasut tu....), Sheila and Linda. Standing: Yus and yours truly.

The food.

Appetiser. Deep fried school prawns. Macam rupa udang geragau pun ada jugak...

I had carbonara.

And cranberry soda. Macam secoet je dia punya cranberry...

Yus had seafood spaghetti.

Mas had pizza.

Sheila had the lamb dish.

Hemy ordered garlic bread and button mushroom. Seddapp... Tak tau berapa banyak Hemy dapat makan sebab jari-jari yang lain pun tumpang sama.

I think that's why Hemy also ordered lasagna. Dia dah tau kawan2 dia macam mana. But again, looking at the portion size of this dish, tak tau Hemy kenyang ke tak.

Zaira yang slim melim itu had Caesar's salad and her daughter had Laksa Sarawak, no vege. Hmm...mcm familiar je script no vege tu...:)

Linda had Tumeric Rice.

Can guess la kan which ones lidah melayu yang dah jemu makan nasi and which one lidah melayu yang rindu nasi. :)

And of course, we had mouth-watering desserts.


Blueberry cheese cake.

Chocolate mousse.

And apa ke nama ni ntah... lemon meringue pie?? 

Sensational lunch definitely, and ber'sen-sen' la jugak bil dia. Masing-masing hulur duit and we ended up having extra money which everyone refused to take back. Thus, tabung RCK is launched for future RCKs... Oh btw, RCK stands for Rombongan Cik Kiah. But Alexis kot... Cik Kiah kena upgrade sikit and tukar nama jadi Miss Kay...;)
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