The crying birthday girl
My 4th daughter, Syafiqah, enrolled in a kindy for the first time this year. She's 4. On the first day of school, I took leave from work and sent her to school. I was quite confident that she would be ok since we have been sending her to nursery all this while. And she was ok. She obediently followed her teacher inside. I remained outside the gate while she went to her class which is located on the upper storey of the kindy.

Seeing she was ok, I went back home and went to the school again before school ended. We have arranged for her to go back by bus and I just wanted to make sure she got into the (correct) bus safely. But I don't have to worry about her getting into the wrong bus since the school has their system to avoid that. So, there I was, outside the school's compound, trying not to be seen by her and at the same time observed her getting out from school.

Muka macam nak nangis. I can see that she was looking for me.

2nd day of school, I was back at work. Hubby reported that Syafiqah cried when he sent her to school.

3rd day of school, it was her birthday. I didn't apply for leave from work but I felt pity for her thus I sent her to school and, again, she cried. She refused to go inside unless I followed her. When I tried to sneak out, she started crying. Thus I stayed with her and celebrated her birthday there. I have already bought a cake to be shared with her friends at school and prepared food packs for the kids.

I got her a nice angry bird cake.

Despite the lovely cake and me being there, she looked so distressed and unhappy. What a traumatic experience for her, I suppose.

The teachers and the 4-year-olds singing the birthday song.

Blowing the candles. I think the kid who sat in front beat her to it.

The principal, Mrs Sheila, cutting the cake. 

Comot masing-masing. Ada yang kena baju. Sure the moms bising bila tengok baju anak2 kena kek... Mujur it was a Friday so school uniforms dah memang kena basuh.  Quoting Breeze tagline, 'Biar terkena kotoran, demi pengalaman'. He he... Peace moms!

After staying with her in school and making sure she got back to the nursery, then only I went to work. Phew....

Later, we celebrated her birthday and the birthday of Syahirah aka Angah at home. They share the same birth date.

I got another angry bird cake for Syafiqah

and a Spongebob cake for Syahirah. She's 10 and is catching up with me in terms of height (and waistline too...).

Throughout the weekend, I slow-talked with Syafiqah and made her promise not to cry again at school, and that I will buy her toy if she don't cry. Monday came, and the drama started again. Isk..isk..isk...

Anyhow, I'm proud to announce that now she goes to school tear-free and is so excited in her showing her artwork from school. Alhamdulillah. And yes, I kept my promise and got her the fishing toy that she wanted. Let's just pray that I don't have to write a sequel to this story next year.:)
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2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    hehe, very cute girl.. pity her, but im very impresses with her art work that u posted on fb.. budak2 kan, sementara nak biasa..hehe
    and the cakes are cute as well, but i wonder are they as nice as they look? cuz selalunya cake yang banyak sangat icing ni muak sikit

  2. Norazlina Says:

    Alhamdulillah, dia dah ok pegi sekolah. Just hari tu after CNY holidays, dia menangis balik. lama sangat cuti. The cakes, in terms of taste, muak jugak la kalau makan banyak2. And the amount of food colouring nak bagi bright red macam tu, menakutkan jugak tengok.:)