Once upon a leap year
40 years ago, today:
Antonio Sabato, Jr was born. He is an actor and model. Born in Italy and raised in US. Not bad looking at all...

Dave Williams was born. A singer in a band called Drowning Pool. Dah meninggal pun, due to cardiomyopathy at the age of 30. So young...

Saul Williams was born. Bukan adik beradik Dave Williams above. He is a poet, writer, actor and musician.

Mike Pollitt was born. A footballer, playing for Wigan Athletic club, as the goalkeeper. Height 1.93 m. As a comparison, Khairul Fahmi Che Mat has the height of 1.71 m.

Pedro Zamora was born. He was a gay, did not practice safe sex and was then inflicted with AIDS (found out he's positive after donating blood). Sad though when you read that his life turned upside down after his mother passed away. He died at the age of 22.

Ivan Garcia was born. An athlete from Cuba. Specializes in the sprint category, 100m and 200m. His best time for 100 m was 10.21 seconds. Watson Nyambek lagi terer la, pernah buat 100 m in 10 seconds. And Watson Nyambek was born on 27th February 1976. Kalau lambat sikit lahir, dapat 29 February jugak.:P

Anyhow, for most of the people I listed above, I don't even know they existed. Thanks to Wikipedia. But this 1 person, I know.

Rosshafinaz Abdul Rahim aka Fifie was born today 40 years ago. Born in Tronoh Perak. My ex-classmates from Form 1 until 4. And I guess it's true what people say about the leapling babies. That they age slower than the others. Fifie has this youthful look, almost childlike look.

Today, yang tak de kena mengena dengan cerita kat atas, and tak de kena mengena nak celebrate birthday sape-sape, few of us met for lunch. My second visit to Bouquet Garni. The first was described here. I arrived quite late. It was raining kittens and puppies (sebab nak kata tak lebat, boleh tahan lebat, nak kata lebat sangat, tak le pulak) and the traffic was terrible. Hemy, Yus, Kaza, Ina and Shiela were already there and have almost finished main course. 

Hasil kerja keras mulut mereka yang dah sampai awal. The adorable little boy is Yus's nephew.

Mas MS arrived shortly after me. 

The little boy was having fun dengar makcik-makcik ni berborak.
I was not really hungry because earlier my office had makan-makan also. So, I decided to just order the appetiser dish ie Murtabak Diraja. Unfortunately, it's not available. Bila tanya masa order, dia kata ada. Alih2 tak de pulak. Thus I ordered Prawn Rangoon dish. Ok la, but sort of incomplete. Should have some kind of sauce with this dish.

And 3-color layer tea.

Shiela ordered this Garlic Prawn dish. Hemy said the Prawn Rangoon should be eaten with this dish. Macam pelik, takkan kena order both dishes?

Sad to say, the Bouquet Garni that we visited today is not the same as Bouquet Garni we visited before. Service was kind of slow. Quite a few dishes are not available. Mas ordered char kue teow. Mula-mula kata tak ada, pas tu ada pulak. And the major setback, lots of the desserts listed in the menu not available. Kaza ordered sago melaka, tak ada. Hemy nak order creme brulee, tak ada. Yang ada, bubur pulut hitam and bubur kacang hijau.

But there are cakes on sale. We tried a slice of this cheese cake.  

Quite a pity BG became like this. Under new management maybe? Well, not sure whether we will ever come again. Not even the next leap year kot.:(
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