Mind your fingers
The smartphones can be too smart for your own good at times. Once, when I was using iPhone, I despised the autocorrect function. Took me longer time to text since I have to correct the autocorrect. How ironic... Thus I disabled the autocorrect function. Abis cerita.

With Blackberry, there is some function of autocorrect but minimal. Anyway, kind of irritating when it happens.
Usually I used shortforms like hr for hari, and the phone suka2 hati corrected it to hour.
At other times I used mn for mana. And of course, the BB could not tolerate so mn was changed to minute.
And yang paling tak boleh tahan, I am known as kak teh among my younger brothers and mak teh among my nieces and nephews. So, whenever I want to type kak teh or mak teh in my text message, the BB changed it to 'kak the' or 'mak the'. What the heck betul la kan...

Sometime ago, a friend shared  her own typo story in FB. And it was very funny. Here's the story:

"Tadi saya tulis mesej pada seseorang yang disegani. Nak cakap yg saya dah ter call dia secara tak sengaja. Sepatutnya bunyi gini.. 'maaf ****, saya tertekan phone tadi. Tak berniat nak call'. Tapi nasib tak baik saya tertulis..'maaf ****, saya tertelan phone tadi. Tak berminat nak call'. Si polan balas 'are u ok? Tertelan phone is very serious!'

Ha ha.... I laughed out lout when I first read the story sampaikan my kids pun pelik. And I laughed again when I typed this just now.

Well, typo is one thing. Sent to the wrong person was another thing.
Once, I meant to bbm my hubby who was stuck in the office due to work. So I bbm this 'Lmbt ke balik? Tak masak tadi'.
Then the red alert of incoming message flashed. I thought it was my hubby replying but instead Hemy (high school friend) yang reply, 'So, nak suh aku msk ke?'
Ha ha... Of all people, I wrongly sent the message to her yang memang diketahui kekerapan dia masuk ke dapur amat sedikit.
That's what happened when you have several chat history in bbm...

Lessons learnt. Not only you have to spell-it-right, you also need to mind your fingers.
Talking about smartphones, the Samsung range of phones macam best je... (mode berangan nak tukar henfon baru...)
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