The Making of Fantastic @40 Movie
STF batch 85-89 held a reunion dinner recently with the tagline Fantastic @40. It was a blast and I had fun. Prior to the dinner, organizing committee was formed and committee members were elected. Surprise..surprise...I was assigned the task of entertainment together with Hemy. Nowadays, besides singing lullaby to my kids, the one thing that I do which can be considered entertaining is giving lectures. Oh yes, those in the receiving end were sometimes completely entertained that they fell asleep. Ha ha...

Anyhow, Hemy and I planned for slide shows to be shown during the dinner. And we started compiling pictures of the past and pictures of the present. We had to stalk so many FB pages to get those pictures compiled and we had fun giggling over the old pictures yang muka masing-masing sungguh la innocent.

I wanted to arrange the slides using movie maker. I have watched my students did their movie during presentations complete with songs embedded and I was impressed. Thus I intend to impress the girls who are going to attend the dinner with similar kind of movie. Cheh... macam bagus sangat. Unfortunately, I have never used movie maker before. And I had to ask one of my students which program did they use for the movie. Rabun IT betul.

The date of the dinner approached and suddenly it was more or less week away. That was the time baru terkial-kial nak start belajar guna Windows movie maker. Luckily it was easy enough. And I love how easy it was to put in audio files and how I can edit the audio clip to match the slides transition. However, I learned some knowledge the hard way.

1. Creating a project file in 1 computer and trying to edit it in another computer caused frustration. The 2nd computer will fail to find the source files because the source files are in the 1st computer thus the files imported earlier will be shown as ugly big red Xs. Sungguh sakit hati.

2. Windows movie maker sometimes hang on me. Thank God for autorecovery, if not, I most probably had banged my head on the wall for not saving the work earlier. You know when you were so full of enthusiasm over your work and forget to save? Happened to me quite a number of times.

There are some other things that I learned along the way. As much as I enjoyed doing the movie, I had my moments of exasperation.

Anyhow, managed to complete the video. Here are snippets of the pics and movie that Hemy and I put together. Tak de le pro mana, sebab yang buat pun tak pro. :) 

The vids have been edited and shortened. Tak boleh tunjuk semua sebab videos ni kategori 13SXF. (Sex female above 13 je boleh tengok). ;)

Here are some pics from the dinner.

It was held at Crown Plaza Hotel, on the 30th floor. Tingkat paling atas. 

The banner

The room

The deco, arranged by our own girls.

The theme colour was purple hence we have lots of things in purple:

The cupcake

The gift bag

The cake

It was a very nice rainbow cake.

This was what I ate that night. There was a range of buffet menu however I only got these. Wasn't feeling that hungry anyway, seronok catching-up with the girls and bergambar sana sini. 

It was a night to be remembered. And some of the girls have already suggested for it to be a yearly event. Ha ha... And Hemy volunteered to take charge of the entertainment again. Ewah..ewah...
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