Chili's - Lebih hangat dari biasa
I had iftar with some friends recently, namely Hemy, Mas, Iderk and Ruzaina. I usually avoid meeting up with friends at night since it is difficult to leave the kids at home unattended. Especially the youngest since she is breastfeeding. But recently, my baby has started consuming the formula milk so it's quite ok for me to have girls' night out with friends... And the most important thing, big boss kat rumah dah bagi green light. He he...

The outing started earlier for me and Hemy. We met at Subang Parade and window shopping. There's quite a variety of clothes and baju kurung on sale, tapi harga boleh tahan mengancam jugak. So tak beli apa-apa pun.

We then walked to the Empire shopping complex which is just opposite  Subang Parade. Mostly window shopping jugak. And seeing the choice of eating places in Empire, we have started to plan that next RCK should be in Empire. We stopped by at Whisk. I bought 10 of these macarons to bring home. 10 pieces, RM20. 1 piece for RM2.20. Hemy also bought 10, 1 from each flavor, to eat during iftar.

At about  4 pm, we headed out to Citta Mall, the venue for our iftar. We have decided on Chili's. We went to Chili's just to see the place. The outlet does not allow reservation but we had an eye on a suitable table for the 5 of us. It's still very early for iftar thus we killed our time by going to the book store and read some hollywood gossips...Boleh..? Bulan-bulan puasa baca pasal gossip. 

Finally, dah tak tau nak gi mana, lepak kat Chili's je. 2 jam melangut kat situ. The other girls did not arrived until after 7pm... Adoiihh...Hemy and I dah menguap-nguap tunggu. 

Then when the other girls arrived, we placed our orders and went to perform Maghrib first. Tak de la kelam kabut nak makan and then nak solat.

What we ordered:

Mine - Monterey Chicken. Sedapp... love the mash potato.

Hemy -chicken and portobello

Ruzaina - mushroom jack. It also came with pita bread, not shown in the pic. If I were to order this, I'll surely don't know how to eat this dish with all its condiments.

Iderk - lamb shoulder

Mas - ribeye

Drinks are bottomless, well, for some drinks la..

Chili's also has this Ramadhan special menu. The dishes came with soup of the day and vanilla ice-cream.
A pic of us smiling contently. Sebab dah kenyang.

Then we moved to PappaRich, and ordered drinks and sambung sesi sembang. Sembang pun bukan semua sembang kosong. We talk business too...

Sampel kuih raya from Mas.

It was almost 10pm when we called it a night. Kedai pun dah banyak tutup. One of the girls teased me by saying, dapat lesen besar hari ni eh.. dari siang sampai malam keluar. He he...sekali sekala...

Anyhow, Chili's memang lebih hangat dari biasa that day. Not just because the 5 sembang-tak-ingat-dunia friends but also because two of them dah menghangatkan kerusi kat Chili's since 5.30 pm. Duuhhh...
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