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I said goodbye to my Blackberry Torch more than a month ago. And welcome Samsung SIII aboard. I'm going to list down a few things that I observed regarding these 2 smartphones. Well, I know this is like comparing an apple to a pear tapi tak kira la...nak compare jugak.

1. Bigger screen and excellent resolution with S3. Puas hati tengok segala benda dgn clear. (age factor?)

2. S3 offers full touch screen while Torch combines physical keyboard and sliding touch screen. I kinda missed the physical keyboard. With S3 touch screen keyboard, the incidence of typo increased significantly. And being someone who works in an academic field, I have developed an allergy to typo thus I spent more time typing and correcting what I type. Sheesh.... A friend mentioned about a software called Swype keyboard in which you can just swipe from letter to letter to type. Enables faster typing, it claims. But crazy la... The typo with Swype would be a nightmare and intolerable. Well, at least it felt that way to me.

3. I love the camera function in S3. Besides the rear-facing and the front-facing cameras, it also enables picture cropping. These are not available with Torch. There are also a few shooting mode options available in S3 eg burst shot, face detection, smile shot (takes picture automatically when subject smiles) and beauty. I have tried the beauty mode. My skin jadi flawless gitu... Ha ha... And of course the picture quality is better than Torch. Can't remember the pixels or apakebendanyatu but S3 yields more excellent pictures.

4. You need to master the skill of swiping the screen with S3. Swipe the screen to unlock, swipe to answer calls, swipe to snooze or shut the alarm, swipe to view noticifations etc.. I remembered the first time I answered a call, I didn't notice the instruction on the screen that you have to swipe so I touch and poke the screen to answer the call. Of course la, it didn't work. Punye la jakun...

5. To download apps: if Blackberry has app world, S3 has Play store. Concept sama. Ada apps free, ada apps kena bayor. There are also Samsung apps and Zedge apps. I used Zedge apps to download ringtone and wallpapers. In Blackberry, you can download themes which comes with customized fonts, icons and setting. I love to experiment with the themes. For S3, you can download wallpapers. Got live wallpapers some more. I love to experiment with the wallpapers too. Currently I have the live wallpaper on. But be prepared to charge the phone's battery often. Dah live, banyak la pakai baterinya.

6. I missed the BBM service with BB. Had to leave the friends in my BB contact. But of course, it was not a great loss since I have Whatsapp too. However, the bad thing about Whatsapp is that it is based on phone numbers. Any phone numbers stored in your phone which has the WA installed will automatically be listed in your WA contact. Even though that contact does not keep your number, he/she is still your WA contact thus you still can see his/her profile and whatnots. Vice versa. Anyone who keeps your number will be able to view you as WA contact even though you did not have his/her number. Unlike BBM, once you remove the contact, that's it la. Tak de la boleh tgk2 lagi. (Am I making sense here? Buat2 la paham ya...).

7. Facebook!! Of course, with the larger screen and higher resolution, it is a pleasure to view pictures and news feed with S3. And S3 enables you to tag people in comments area which is not possible with Torch. I like... Errr.... bukan tgk facebook je pleasure. Kalau download Quran, a pleasure to read too since screen besar.

8. You can set to receive your emails via your phone. I have Yahoo and UKM email accounts. However, with S3, somehow I can only receive the UKM emails but failed to send out emails from that account. I don't know why. Setting dah betul dah. Never had this problem with Torch before. I have asked the UKM IT people and they also said they experienced similar situation. Pelik betul.

9. S3 has this motion function. Tilt, turn over etc which I haven't got the hang of yet. I disable most of the motion function. Same with the voice activation features. Tak guna pun or rather tak tahu nak guna pun... Err.. smart phone but not so smart user? :P

10. S3 also has this smart function in which the screen stays on as long as it detects your eyes looking at the screen. Kena la dgn tagline dia kot, designed for humans. But come to think about it, who else you want to design it for...:)

Maybe there are more comparisons that I missed. Furthermore, I haven't fully explored the S3. Manual pun tak baca :P. But despite the typo frustrations and the failure to send out emails, I'm beginning to love the S3. Tapi, note 2 macam best jugak kan... Ok, ok... I'm not going to succumb myself into becoming a tech slave...:D
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2 Responses
  1. shamil Says:

    Baattery wise ok x? Hehe

  2. Shamil,
    Memang tiap-tiap hari kena charge. As I said, kalau install live wallpaper memang banyak pakai bateri. Kena pulak ada whatsapp group yang message masuk bertalu-talu, memang la cepat drain the battery. Nak tahan lama battery, off semua notification kot...:)