The dark side of FB
Facebook, while it's good to keep you in touch with friends and family members, it also exposes you to some of its dark side.

Ever received a personal message like this?

Or a flattering one like this? A guy with sweet words like this. Who can resist huh? (Yeah...right...)

Or one with sweeter words like this one? Cair beb...(notttt!!)

Or one who is determined like this one? And you really think he is sincere and serious about falling in love with you. (Seriously???)

Thinking of replying their messages? Tettt.... wrong answer. Don't ever let yourself be fooled with these flattery messages from guys who look as decent as your next door neighbor. For all you know the profile pictures are just copy and paste from somewhere.You never know what devilish plans they have in mind if you respond to them. So do set boundaries to your FB. Even though there are many good sides of FB, beware of its dark side.

Sekian, pesanan khidmat masyarakat.:)

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2 Responses
  1. LilyDkS Says:

    imagine org lain dpt msg mcm tu .. gamb nya muka kita .. tekena org yg kita kenal lagi .. "love is what i feel for you when i saw your picture...lovers do"

  2. Yikes Lily!! Kau pernah kena cam tu? Adoiii... Ramai sgt hacker and spammer sekarang ni...