'Camping' in our own backyard
Every year, for the past several years, our first year students are required to attend a camp under Personal and Professional Development (PPD) module. All these years we have been using the BTN camp located in Kuala Kangsar. Normally, we the facilitators will join the camp and stay the few nights in the BTN camp which can be very refreshing and enjoyable too. Honestly, I learnt a lot of things myself, from the talks, from the reflections and from the discussion with students and facilitators. However, this year, due to unavoidable circumstances, we had it in our own backyard. And no overnights for us. Most of the activities were finished by 5 pm and then we can go back home.

The camp were held in Pusat Kembangan Pendidikan at Kolej Tun Syed Nasir. There are halls to accommodate the students for talks. 

The students then went into their small groups for activities and discussion with facilitators.

The ice-breaking activity. Each student drew his/her own caricature and others need to identify the person.

One of the nights was allocated for the group sketch presentation. Students need to do a sketch based on specific situations related to students' life. I usually enjoyed the sketch presentation. So I was looking forward to the performance. And yes, I enjoyed myself in some of the role-play.

One of the students showing his talent playing the guitar.

And we had the jungle-trekking cum team building activities in Hutan Pendidikan Alam UKM Bangi. Nice forest but facilities need to be improved. Banyak dah rundown. Sayang...

The facilitators and PPD Unit Head, Dr Harlina.

In the forest, the students were assigned several tasks. I and a few other facilitators were stationed at one of the check points and assign one of the tasks to the students. 

Students had to be blinded. The challenge was that we don't have cloths to blindfold the students so we had to be creative and use leaves to cover their eyes. Of course, we chose fresh leaves with smooth surface. Err.... banyak jugak la pokok2 renek kat situ botak.:)

Some of them use papers. Janji tutup mata and no peeping.

The blind students have to walk between 2 points and were not allowed to step on the ground. Instead they have to use a some sort of mat to step on.  Students who can see have to direct their team members where to step. Some were chaotic, some were organized and you can see the leadership skills emerge in some students.

We ended the day with reflections on what was learnt and analyze the events that happened. We wrapped up with the group doing their cheer song. This was the group that I facilitated. Sebab tu bersepah gambar diorang...;)

It was fun and educational for both students and facilitators, I think. Sure, it was not carried out the usual way and it was not really a camp, but what really matters was the objectives were achieved.
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4 Responses
  1. Nurul Afiqah Says:

    Hi Doc. nice post! but im not really like PPD camp although it's fun. ihikkk.. (^_____^)

  2. Laa... ye ke? Kenapa tak suka?

  3. Nurul Afiqah Says:

    sebab kena rushing for activities la prof... what i remembered, in my 3rd yr, d commander was like so strict. macam recruit army pulak. in a way, it was for good. taught me about time management. hihihi.....

  4. Ooo.. haah, memang penat rushing to keep to the time. Kalau facilitators pun kena ikut timing yg sama, sure tak de fasilitator yg nak join the camp..he he..;)