How do you measure success?
Some people measure it by how many As you scored in the exam.
Some may measure it by how many medals you got in sports.
Some may measure it by the type of car you drive.
Some may measure it by the size of the house you live in.
Some may measure it by the rank you are holding in your organization.
Some may measure it by how many kids you have...;)

Well, talking about kids, I have 5. Each one different from the others. And you just cannot generalize your kids.They have their own personality, uniqueness and skills. They developed at a different pace too.

My eldest, Syakila, has always excel in school. Every year, she will be up there on the stage to receive her certificates of excellence. Last year she started her secondary school. And alhamdulillah, her good performance continues. We went to her Prize giving ceremony recently. And as parents, we are really proud of her. 

My second daughter, Syahirah, is an average student. Kadang2 dapat score A, kadang2 tak. Unlike her Along, she never receive any prize or certificate of excellence. Of course, we would love to see her on the stage but we tried not to pressure her and compare her with her elder sister. 

So, recently, we were surprised when we received the letter that she will be receiving a prize for her last year's performance in sekolah agama. 

Even though the class she was in was ranked either 4th or 5th, and her total marks are no way near the students from the top class, I am still proud of her. Because the increase in 1 mark is still a success. Going up one class is still called a success. In our enthusiasm to observe bigger and greater success, we tend to overlook small success one has achieved. Because every success starts with small steps.

So, how do you measure success?
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