Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan
I came across this poem last year during the year 1 orientation week. The poem was printed on the programme book. I was so impressed with the verses and the wordings, and the meaning of its lines. And after a year, when I read it again, the feelings are still the same.

I copied the poem from here and not sure the exact source and who's the author. But one site mentioned that this poem is from Khazanah Adat Perpatih. The poem is about how one should behave, act or talk. Berbudi pekerti. 


Hidup dalam pekerti
Mati dalam budi

Bila duduk, duduk bersifat
Bila tegak, tegak beradat

Bila bercakap, bercakap berkhasiat
Bila diam, diam makrifat

Kalau bercakap di bawah-bawah
Tapi tidak ke bawah sangat
Nanti mati dipihak gajah

Kalau duduk di tepi-tepi
Tapi jangan ke tepi sangat
Nanti tercampak ke pelimbahan

Kalau mandi di hilir-hilir
Tapi jangan ke hilir sangat
Nanti hanyut ditelah gelombang

Kalau makan berjimat-jimat
Tetapi jangan berjimat sangat
Nanti badan tinggal tulang

Kalau berlabuh pada yang tenang
Kalau berhenti pada yang teduh
Kalau bersandar pada yang kuat
Kalau bersila pada yang rata

Nice eh? Well, even though I have some queries on the words such as 'dipihak gajah' and 'ditelah gelombang', but the message is loud and clear. And if you share the same feelings as me, then I can be assured, there are still hope for this country/world.;)

Anyhow, besides describing the guide on how one should behave, the poem also stressed on moderation in everything that we do. Bersederhana dalam bab makan, bersederhana ketika bercakap... I guess it can also be extended to bersederhana dalam shopping, bersederhana dalam memuja seseorang (..oopps!) or bersederhana dalam berkempen..(double oopps!!)

I just hope that the 5th pillar of the country does not change from Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan to Kesopanan dan Kesusialan... (pardon my language). Peace!
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  1. first time prof post politik.. hehe

  2. Ha ha... sempena demam pilihanraya. Apa-apa pun, undi tetap rahsia...:D

  3. hehe.... :)

    happy blogging prof !!