In Giving, We Receive
Every year, for the past few years, my hubby and a few of his colleagues (mostly Citibankers), organized a fund collection for an orphanage. The choice of orphanage varies from year to year. The fund collected is usually used to buy necessities for the kids in the orphanage. This year, it was Rumah Silaturrahim Nurul Qana'ah, Greenwood, Gombak.  In conjunction with the 'Back to school' theme, quite a handsome sum of money was collected and the money was efficiently managed to buy school uniforms, shoes, socks and stationery. In addition, the kids were treated to lunch at Sekinchan Ikan Bakar, Sri Gombak. And still got extra money which was also donated to the orphanage. Well, what do you expect from bankers eh? Money management is their forte big grin

Below is the full story of the activity plus pictures. Credit to husband's colleague, Faizal,  for this special bulletin. Actually, this piece is good enough to be included in Kosmo winking.

For a bigger and clearer images, do click on 'em.

You don't have to be in any NGOs or societies to perform an act of kindness such as this. It is just a question of whether you want to or not. May this effort continues in years to come. And may more people lend their hands in any way they can. Because it is in giving, we receive big hug. InsyaAllah. 
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