Hantu Kak Limah Ngangkung
My family went to watch a Malay movie entitled 'Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah' some time ago. It is a comedy ghost story which happens in a village called Kg Pisang. There was a movie named Zombie Kg Pisang previously. And the Kak Limah movie is not a sequel but rather another extraordinary tale that happened in the same village.

The story is about Kak Limah who was claimed to be a ghost and was seen terrorizing and terrifying the villagers. Lots of funny scenes transpired when the villagers went all out in trying to solve the problem and banish Kak Limah's ghost. One scene I liked best is when the ghost-buster or 'bomoh hantu' tried to summon Kak Limah's spirit tapi alih-alih yang datang Hantu Neng Nak pulak...laughing

Another movie that we watched with the same genre was Ngangkung. A movie about 3 friends who took a short-cut to be rich by using black magic in order to get a winning lottery ticket. Lots of funny scenes and  slap-in-the-face scenes when finally they realized there's no short-cut to riches but instead maybe a short-cut to hell.

One scene that amused me the most is the scene in a GP's clinic. The GP was trying to dissuade a couple from having an abortion. Well, obviously, the couple was having an extra-marital affair. However, the methods of abortion that the doctor exlained were grossly funny and out of the world. Understood, it is a funny movie and the scene is supposed to be hilarious. But still, having a doctor who gave such a consultation.... Ok... I'll accept the scene for the sake of its funniness big grin.

Anyhow, my kids enjoyed both movies so much.

Favorite dialogue -
From Hantu Kak Limah movie:
- Husiinn.... Husiinnn...
- Ce cerita... ce cerita...

From Ngangkung:
- 'Atuk, nenek... cucu tumpang kencing...' 'Bila masa pulak aku kawin dgn atuk kau..'

And thank God, my kids were not spooked by the nursery rhyme 'Enjit-enjit semut, siapa sakit naik atas' which was frequently sang by 'hantu' Kak Limah in the movie.
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