Belum cuba belum tau
My kids can be considered choosy eaters. They dislike vege. If I were to fry noodles or rice, they would ask for no vege. I have been trying to persuade them to try and eat the vege, and failed. I used to say, eat your vege, so that you will have a smooth skin. Well, it worked for a while. Then they started doubting, tak licin pun kulit...? Mana nak licin, baru sekali dua makan...:P

There were other times when they would ask, sedap tak mak? when they saw me eating something they have never tasted before. Instead of answering them, I said, try la, baru tau sedap ke tak. So they tried. And sometimes they like it, sometimes not.

So, over the years, they have developed liking for lots of foods. Recently, they had a taste of otak-otak. And they love it. Siap berebut-rebut. During this Ramadhan, they would be able to put their taste buds into practice. Bazaar Ramadhan pun sejengkal je dari rumah. Macam-macam ada so boleh try makan macam-macam.

This 'belum cuba belum tau' concept can also be applied to everyday task. I have a staff in the office who is supposed to head a unit in the department. The staff was reluctant to accept the task. Reasons: not sure how to do it, afraid will be blamed if anything goes wrong, age factor - better let the younger ones do the task (more skills, more knowledgable). Well, no one is born with all the skills and know everything. You just need to go for it and learn along the way, even if it involve making mistakes. And who says being old put a standstill to gaining new knowledge? Belum cuba belum tau...

Going back to 'trying the food' story, I should pull myself together and go try some sushi! Errr.... Berani ke...?? :)
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