Iftar cum birthday dinner
Two of my love ones celebrate their birthday in August. My eldest daughter, Syakila, and my dearest hubby. As usual, we celebrated by dining out.

Syakila's birthday at Riverstone Ecoresort.

The place is located in Sungai Tua, along the road to Ulu Yam, within the green beauty of nature. Definitely not Celcom territory, because no signal at all on my phone...:(

The restaurant is quite big and can accommodate more than 100 patrons. The resort also offers camping facilities, recreational activities and seminar/training packages.

We had the Ramadhan buffet. RM40 per adult, RM20 per child.

Some of the menu.

Asam pedas


Nasi ambeng set

This was what I had: white rice, some daging masak semur, pecal, some kerabu, ayam panggang, ayam masak kicap and the tempe dish. Plus the sagu gula melaka dessert. I passed the asam pedas and patin masak tempoyak.

I had a taste of laksa.

Some of the cakes on the menu.

ABC pun ada.

The drinks.

Overall, the food is quite good. My kids suka. Syahidah had a few rounds of ayam masak kicap. And Syahirah love the curry puffs. Having dinner very close to nature might have something to do with their appetite.

Praying room is available but one has to go up a flight of stairs to get there. So, a bit inconvenient for people with knee problems like my mother-in-law. Luckily, our house is not that far so we managed to rush back for Maghrib prayer.

For hubby's birthday, we made reservations at de Templer. Have to pay RM50 upfront, in case of no-show.

Located near Taman Melati, this place offers Muslim Chinese cuisine.

Complimentary dishes: dates and this crispy and crunchy fish. Very nice, macam keropok. And not salty at all.

We ordered tom yam (medium size)

Buttered prawn (small size)

Boxing chicken (small)
Sweet sour sea bass 

Alhamdulillah, the food was nice. The kids makan bersungguh-sungguh. Syahidah even said that she wants to have her birthday dinner there too. Well, that's about 7 more months to go.
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