Life begins at (almost) 40
It was Federal Teritorry holiday the other day and both hubby and I had the luxury of a day off from work while our kids were at school. Hubby suggested this really crazy idea of a holiday. Just the two of us.

We got in our car and entered PLUS highway south bound. At 10 am, we had breakfast at R&R Ayer Keroh. This restaurant is located on the overhead bridge, hence the name OB Restaurant.

I had this egg sandwich dish while hubby had a tongkat ali + ginseng drink.

Then we got in our car again and traveled further south until we reached this place.

Johor Premium Outlets.

From the highway, exit route 253 Senai (U). Immediately after the toll (RM40.90), take the 304 exit (Senai). Soon after the exit, you will see the JPO signboard and the building itself on your left. We arrived there at 12.15 pm.

JPO, the one stop center factory outlets for branded items selling items such as handbags, shoes, clothes, lingerie and watches at discounted price. The building and the landscape is beautiful. Even though nampak mcm tanah gersang sikit especially the surrounding area. Besides the shops, there's a police station, Maybank, praying room and kids' playground.

One can easily go gaga in this place. Too bad I'm not one of them. Honestly, we didn't go into any of the handbags or shoes or lingerie shops. Rugi kan... Travel jauh-jauh, tak beli. Well, there isn't a necessity to buy one, so better avoid. If not, nafs override needs. He he...

We only bought 2 items here. One of them are chocolates. For the kids.

We had lunch at the food court.

There are also other eateries such as Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Absolute Thai and few others.

I had this Chicken Ramen. Lebih kurang macam maggi kari je rasa dia.

Hubby had this fried rice from the Thailicious stall.

We left the place at 2.45 pm. It was a fine day. But very hot weather. And it was a challenge to my sleep-deprived hubby who was driving. Tu la, sape suruh stay up tgk bola the night before.... And he refused to let me drive coz for sure, we would have arrive much later then. We made several pit stops, mainly for hubby to refresh himself. These keris are available in Pagoh rest area.

We finally reached Sg Besi toll at 5.40 pm and arrived home at 6 pm. Ample time to pick up the smaller kids from the nursery.

Pheww!! Crazy eh? But fun. Well, they say life begins at 40. Almost la kan... And hubby had other crazy-fun ideas up his sleeve. :)
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