Breakfast like a king
I met with some of the girls from my old school for breakfast few weeks ago. It was a very rare occasion where the RCK members gathered so early in the morning. Well, it started with me wanting to meet one of the girls Zarina Abdul Rahman aka Eena. Haven't seen her for years. She was one of my classmates during Standard 4, in MGS Raub. She was there only for a short while. Tak sempat nak kenal hati budi..he he... But there was one incident which I remembered until now. We had Art class that day. The task, to draw a portrait. Eena was a very cute little girl then (she is still cute by the way) so the teacher, Puan Norsiah? Puan Norasiah? asked Eena to sit in front of the class, and the rest of us had to draw a portrait of her. I am terrible in drawing. And when I finished, the teacher took a look and could not contained her laughter. Tersenggong tau cikgu gelakkan... Tapi the drawing memang terrible!! Anyhow, the question is: Eena tak yah lukis portrait ek that day?? Ha ha...

And few years after that, fate brought Eena and I together again, in STF. (Sungguh drama statement ini...:P) We were in different classes for the first 4 years so I don't think our paths have ever came across. Blok pun lain, society pun lain. But, we were put in the same class during Form 5. And we 'clicked'. After school, we lost touch and was only reacquainted by FB recently. Tu yang berkobar-kobar nak jumpa tu...

Since Eena has a narrow window of free time, preferably in the mornings, after the kids are all in school, we decided to meet for breakfast. And the venue, Uncle Lim's at Subang Parade. 

And of course, geng2 RCK yang lain pun join sama. Emy, Kaza, Meque with her 2 kids, Zie, Aiz, Iderk and baby Zafira, Mas MS, Yus, Ein, Elin, Noni with baby Ain, Zaira with Udyn and Nor with Marsya.

The appropriate breakfast dish:


and egg


Nasi lemak, boleh la... yang makan tu, Kaza, very the slim one.

But I had this. 

With milo followed by this 3 layer drink.

Breakfast ke lunch ni? But as the saying goes..breakfast like a king queen...

The breakfast carried on until lunch hour. And we later moved to Secret recipe.
Iderk and Kaza shared this cheese cake.

Hemy ordered these dishes of starter.

Elin had pasta.

And Nor and her daughter had fish and chip, this drink and ice-cream.

I had this black pepper lamb pie.

Lunch like a prince princess?

Mujur tak sambung sampai dinner. Can't guarantee dinner like a pauper. Coz most possible, dinner like a king queen again.:P

On another day, Ein, Eena and I had another get together. Mission: shopping tudung di butik Maira.

We had breakfast at Ubi Kayu.

I just had kuih 2,3 ketul. No breakfast for king queen this time.

The mission continued after breakfast. We were joined by Iderk when we were at Maira.

Bought a few pieces of tudung. Masa beli, I was wondering, which baju to wear this tudung with. But the others said, beli dulu, matching belakang kira. Ha ha... Worst case scenario, kena beli baju baru.

Besides tudung, they also have blouses.
 Pic with the owner.

Later, we had lunch at D' Serambi.

Ein had this set.

Eena had this.

I had this.

Definitely fit for a king queen or prince princess.

And recently we had another breakfast meet. With Eena and Ein. Ein or Azreen Ahmat was my classmates for 4 years, from Form 1 until 4. And Ein and I shared lots of memories together during schooldays. I am positive that she sat besides me in class during Form 4. Unless I have worse degenerated neurons than I thought. And again, years after school, FB reunite us again.

We had breakfast at Dome in Subang Parade.

Ein ordered scones.

Eena ordered bruschetta. A vegetarian dish.

I ordered this spicy olio.

We shared the dishes amongst us. The scones are nice. Bruschetta pun sedap unless you don't like the soury tomato taste. Olio memang sedap.

We also shared this fruit salad with yogurt. I don't fancy the sour taste of yogurt so kurengg sikit.

Ein and Eena had English tea. Masing-masing tunjuk skill tuang air.

I had this honeycomb goldrush espreski. Dengan alasan, ibu menyusu kena makan and minum banyak. But coffee?? isyh... But the drink is nice. I love the honeycomb chunks.

Another breakfast fit for a king queen. And honestly, that was also my lunch. Sebab lepas tu, dah tak larat nak makan lagi. Kenyang...
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